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WEBINAR Oct 28: Kids and the plant-based trend

WEBINAR Oct 28: Kids and the plant-based trend

By Elaine Watson

Do children like oatmilk and Beyond Burgers? Research* shows that US families with children over-index for plant-based milk and yogurt sales and that parents of children under 18 are more likely to think that plant-based proteins are healthier than animal-based...

'Raising our base starting salary is the right thing to do' (picture: Chobani)

Chobani sets $15 floor for starting hourly wage

By Elaine Watson

Chobani has unveiled plans to increase its starting hourly wage from the first quarter of 2021 from $13 to at least $15 an hour, more than double the federal minimum wage ($7.25).

©Getty Images - MachineHeadZ

FDA takes aim at claims for infant food allergy prevention

By Hank Schultz

The US Food and Drug Administration has taken action against two companies that claim their products can help prevent children from developing food allergies. The claims turn the products into unapproved drugs, the Agency claims.

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