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Picture: White Castle

'People will start to see plants as filling and delicious, providing protein and satiety...'

Is the plant-based trend gaining traction in restaurants? The GFI unveils its annual scorecard

By Elaine Watson

High-profile launches notwithstanding (the Impossible Slider is now at White Castle and the Beyond Burger is at TGI Fridays) 45 out of the top 100 restaurant chains in the US still don’t offer a plant-based entrée, according to the Good Food Institute’s...

“People just have to be willing to take 60 seconds to make it.

Modest Mylk ditches the carton for sustainable nut beverage bases

By Beth Newhart

A new make-your-own nut-based milk alternative is hitting the market this month. Modest Mylk is a nut paste sold in glass jars designed to blend with water into a ‘milk-like’ beverage, which the company says is more sustainable and affordable than conventional...

GALLERY: Trendspotting at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2019

GALLERY: Trendspotting at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2019

By Elaine Watson

From new sources of plant-based protein (pongamia, bambara) to novel biomaterials extending the shelf life of foods (Cambridge Crops), the Winter Fancy Food Show – organized by the Specialty Food Association - showcased a wide range of innovations, although...

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