Rapid testing should be followed up with lab tests, said the CDC

Better testing fuels US meat pathogen reports

By Rod Addy

Reported US infections linked to pathogens Yersinia and Shiga toxin-producing E.coli, commonly contaminating meat products, grew in number in 2016, but experts blamed better testing, not more people becoming sick. 

Researchers: 'We consider this to be a major breakthrough'

Gut bacteria linked to development of Alzheimer’s disease: Mouse data

By Nathan Gray

Intestinal bacteria can accelerate the development of Alzheimer's disease, say researchers who suggest their findings could open new opportunities for preventing and even reversing the disease through the gut.

© iStock / ariwasabi

Migraine sufferers show differences in makeup of oral microbiome

By Hank Schultz

Could migraines be triggered by what’s going on in the mouths of susceptible people? A recent study suggests that the makeup of the oral microbiome could play a role in bringing on the headaches that can debilitate migraine sufferers.

Cargill said the move to further cut antibiotic use in turkey meat was a 'logical step'

Cargill ends antibiotic use in turkeys

By Oscar Rousseau

Cargill has stopped using an antibiotic for disease prevention in its turkey flocks, following concern use of the drug in the food chain contributes to the threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Researchers have used bacteriophages to destroy salmonella cells

Scientists find defence for deadly pathogen

By Oscar Rousseau

Academics at the University of Nevada in the US have reduced salmonella in meat products by up to 90% after research into new pathogen prevention systems. 

'This study will bring together the entire relationship between bacterial viruses and how they can alter the numbers of the good and bad bacteria in the infant gut in a way that has not been assessed before.' / leoniepow

Gates Foundation backs African infant microbiota project

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has signed a $100,000 (€89,485) cheque for academics from the University College Cork in Ireland to study the microbiota of infants in developing countries.

FDA developing next-gen toolbox for probiotic products

FDA developing next-gen toolbox for probiotic products

By Stephen Daniells

The US Food and Drug Administration is developing a next-generation toolbox for analyzing live microbial products, including DNA microarrays, metagenomic sequencing and analysis, and a whole genome database development.

FSIS: genome sequencing will improve scientific methods to screen out foodborne disease

US plans to modernise meat inspection

By Oscar Rousseau

US government agency the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) has requested millions of dollars from Congress to develop a rigorous, science-based method to improve its meat inspection capabilities. 

Starbucks says it is recalling the meaty sandwich out of

Starbucks in meat muffin listeria recall

By Oscar Rousseau

Coffee giant Starbucks has recalled its sausage, egg and cheese breakfast muffin from 250 US stores in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas over fears of listeria contamination. 

USDA’s Al Almanza: new measures on ground beef are a

US toughens ability to track mince virus outbreak

By Oscar Rousseau

The US department that safeguards the industry and consumers from dangerous foodborne illnesses has launched a protocol to improve virus detection in a bid to protect consumers from future outbreaks.

Quorn growing 30% YoY in  USA; new owner is Monde Nissin

60-second interview: Kevin Brennan, CEO, Quorn

Quorn growing 30% YoY in the USA, says CEO

By Elaine Watson

Meat & dairy alternatives are hot right now, if VC interest in Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, Kite Hill and Hampton Creek, plus the recent acquisitions of Vega, So Delicious and Gardein are anything to go by. But what will Monde Nissin’s £550m ($838m)...

Enzymes present special case in affirming non GMO status of ingredients

Special Edition: Going Non GMO in Supplements

Enzymes present special case in affirming non GMO status of ingredients

By Hank Schultz

When trying to source non GMO dietary ingredients for supplements, the inclusion of enzymes presents a special case. There is confusion about the penetration of genetic modification technology into the sector, a confusion that is abetted by the tightly-held...

The NRDC said there was no indication the money would enforce a strict reduction in drug usage

Questions raised over US antibiotic investment

By Sophie Witts

The Obama Administration’s proposed $1.2bn investment in combating antibiotic resistant bacteria has come under fire from the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) for failing to adequately address antibiotic misuse in the livestock industry.

synthetic biology firm Evolva to buy Allylix for stevia, flavors

Synthetic biology pioneers team up to create 'powerhouse in yeast fermentation technologies'

Evolva to expand microbial fermentation empire with acquisition of Allylix

By Elaine Watson

Evolva - the Swiss ‘synthetic biology’ company developing stevia, vanillin, and other ingredients via microbial fermentation - is to acquire San Diego-based Allylix to create a “true powerhouse in yeast-based fermentation technologies”.

FDA wants tech ideas to fight foodborne illness. Picture: FDA/Flickr

FDA launches food safety challenge

FDA: We have a lot of answers, but not all of them

By Joseph James Whitworth

The US Food and Drug Administration is asking for potential breakthrough ideas on Salmonella in fresh produce with a total prize pool of $500,000.

Study urges more exploration of fermented foods’ yet untold benefits

Study urges more exploration of fermented foods’ yet untold benefits

By Maggie Hennessy

The microbiological activity of fermented foods could bridge the gap between two separate areas of research: one linking fermented food to mental health benefits and the other examining traditional dietary patterns, according to a review published in the...


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