Nestlé said its patent-pending bite-size sports nutrition snacks were portable and tasty compared to performance bars on the market

Patent watch

Nestlé files patent for bite-size sports snacks

By Kacey Culliney

Nestlé has filed a patent for high-carb and high-protein bite-size dough snacks for athletes and health-conscious consumers looking to manage nutritional intake before and during exercise.

It would be nice to revise calorie values, but that's going to be very difficult, says Wickham.

Should we revise how calories are measured?

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The current method of measuring the calorie content of foods could be flawed, says Professor Martin Wickham of Leatherhead Food Research.

How do you sell healthy blood glucose to consumers?

Special edition: Diabetes

How do you sell healthy blood glucose to consumers?

By Elaine Watson

While a dietary solution to the ticking time bomb of type 2 diabetes would appear to have huge commercial potential, the US market for foods and supplements that keep our blood glucose levels healthy has yet to set the world on fire.

‘Healthy blood sugar’ more meaningful than 'glycemic index'

‘Healthy blood sugar’ more meaningful than 'glycemic index'

By Elaine Watson

Consumers and food manufacturers alike remain confused about the concept of the ‘glycemic index (GI)’ and ‘glycemic load (GL)’, according to National Starch, which is urging both parties to think about ‘insulin sensitivity’ and ‘healthy blood sugar’ levels...


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