Dietary Supplements

Lazy Larry: Not for kids

Melatonin brownie maker: ‘We’ll sell them as supplements’

By Elaine Watson

The maker of the melatonin-laced ‘relaxation’ brownies at the center of a debate over where a dietary supplement ends and a food begins says it will make “all necessary changes to market and sell the product as a supplement”.

Supplements have gained their best ever hearing in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines

Industry welcomes USDA Dietary Guidelines supplements shift

By Shane Starling

The US dietary supplements industry has welcomed the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans which demonstrated a thawing in attitude toward supplements use from a Guidelines committee that has previously baulked at recommending them.

FTC denied expansion of powers

FTC denied expansion of powers

By Shane Starling

The Federal Trade Commission will not be granted extra authority to police healthy foods and supplements marketing – among other powers – after a provision that would have done just that was removed from a Bill designed to reform Wall Street practices.

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