Picture: Aspire Food Group

Aspire Food Group unveils world’s first automated cricket farm

By Elaine Watson

When it comes to edible insects, there is still something of a disconnect between the rhetoric (insects can help us feed the world) and the reality, in the US., at least (they’re still niche and expensive). But that’s about to change, predicts the company...

Picture: Istockphoto: Daniela Mangiuca

Space... the final frontier for food science at Food Vision USA

By Elaine Watson

To boldly go... where no food conference has gone before? Space food is on the menu at Food Vision USA (we've lined up NASA on day three), but we're just as concerned about what we're eating here on earth, and whether food retailers are...

Emotional eating: Sad or action-packed movies inspire more munching

Emotional eating: Sad or action-packed movies inspire more munching

By Elizabeth Crawford

Snack makers may get better traction by marketing to consumers who watch sad or action-packed movies and television than those who prefer comedies and talk shows, if the amount of food consumed by viewers in two recent studies is any indication. 

NPD Group says we eat alone half the time

We eat alone half the time, says NPD Group

By Maggie Hennessy

More than half of eating and drinking occasions now occur when consumers are alone, as US consumption behavior has become more individualized compared to previous generations, according to market research firm The NPD Group. 

Larger portions decrease liking of food: study

Larger portions decrease liking of food: study

By Maggie Hennessy

Not only do larger portions lead consumers to like the food they are eating less, they also reduce how often people consume those foods, according to the authors of a recent Carnegie Mellon University study.


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