Space... the final frontier for food science at Food Vision USA

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To boldly go... where no food conference has gone before? Space food is on the menu at Food Vision USA (we've lined up NASA on day three), but we're just as concerned about what we're eating here on earth, and whether food retailers are stuck in a time-warp as American consumers are changing...

The key question our speakers will pose to delegates is: How can food and beverage companies up their game and give today's ultra-demanding (and tech-savvy) consumers what they want, when - and where - they want it?

This will be the overarching theme of Food Vision USA​, a must-attend conference on the food industry calendar that will address questions including:

  • American eating habits are changing. But are food retailers still stuck in the 20th​ century?
  • How do you build a completely new food category (on a shoestring)?
  • How do Millennials buy food online? And will subscription snacking really take off?
  • How do you maintain a challenger brand mentality as a mainstream player? 
  • Is 3D printing a gimmick or something with real commercial potential for the food industry?
  • Are DNA diets ready for prime time?
  • Can edible insects live up to all the hype?
  • What will we eat on a Mission to Mars?

Held at the Drake Hotel in Chicago on October 27-29, Food Vision USA​ is a unique networking opportunity for CEOs, brand managers, R&D professionals, marketers and labeling and regulatory experts. 

Organized by the publishers of FoodNavigator-USA and NutraIngredients-USA, Food Vision USA​ ​will bring together senior figures in business strategy, R&D and marketing from Chobani CMO Peter McGuinness and Sparkling ICE boss Kevin Klock​ to rising stars such as Austin Allan (founder of ‘soup in a bottle’ brand Tio Gazpacho) and Daniel Imrie-Situnayake (co-founder of edible insect start-up Tiny Farms).

Building on the success of the Food Vision global event, held annually in Cannes, France since 2013, Food Vision USA​ will shine a spotlight on the companies – large and small – that are doing most to drive innovation and champion change. 


Confirmed speakers include:

Check out the speakers ​and the program​.

For full details, and to register, visit the Food Vision USA website​ ​or click on the link below:


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1 comment

What will we eat on our Tour to Mars ?

Posted by Dr.Klaus J. Seelig,

Guys, stop dreaming and stay down to facts:
The Space between our Planet and Mars will stay the same.
Rockets to send any group will have to use boostering Power.
The Time of Flight will stay 18 months.
The daily use of water for our Metabolism to stay healthy is at least 2 L (better 3,5), say 3 L
of special Health-Water (to prevent FR & ROS!)
The Groups will be limited by the weight to be pushed to get on way by Pollution- and Climate-disturbing Rocket-Exhausts.
Any mission to Mars is to envision return after say 6 months. Total Time T&R : 1260 days.

The Water-Load for a group of 10 will have to be only about 38 000 tons of weight.
With Space-Shuttle-Tech the max. load for Shuttle to come near orbit leaving speed was 10 000 tons.
The new Cygnus has 3x the pushing power of the Shuttle-Motors (shown to function 2x out of 4 attempts).
The Booster-Rockets plus the total load alltogether were just over 100 000 to load.
136 times that Pollution far above the Hydrosphere dominating Climate-determining
Mesosphere has changed the Climate for the entire Planet for "National Pride" &
Frenzy for Space-Race for National Security by Supervision from above.

Each start used as much energy as entire
Global INDUSTRY needs and uses constantly, but to be set free locally by Input from above on top of cloud-forming gaseous layers. These Layers are utterly thermo-sensible with explosive reactions and anthropogen induced permanent alteration of their physical phases (diff. Nitrous gases at varied Vacuum, Temp & Water-added change their physical & chemical properties as Phases).
Most significant is "Translucency", Explosion-Clouds up there already have altered the water-attracting and thermal radiation of
Heat from Earth to Space: "we'll be boiled"

The needed amounts of Water alone make any
Dream-Selling of Space-Luxury-Travels to Mars
an ecologically irresponsible Crime.

So Please, Guys, remember who you are and what is the normal need for Food and Water for people already living down on Earth here and stop any National Megalo-Mania.

Come back to our Problems on earth, where
the new
Gene-Food makes baby-pigs bloated, and turn Corn-based Milk-Products & Beef of sickened cows to a fattening diet for Consumers of all races, genders and creed without choice or persistent help.
Let us think about how to alter that situation.

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