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‘Needed’: FDA issues draft guidance for best practices for GRAS panels

By Stephen Daniells

Hailed by experts as ‘needed’ and ‘significant’, the US Food and Drug Administration has issued draft guidance on best practices to follow when convening a panel of experts to evaluate whether a substance is “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS).

Donald J Trump: Good, bad or ugly for the food industry? (Picture:

What will a Trump presidency mean for the US food & beverage industry?

By Elaine Watson

Whether you went to bed last night overwhelmed with horror and uncertainty or with a big smile on your face all depends on your political affiliations. But what might a Trump presidency mean for the US food and beverage industry, and your business specifically?


FDA developing next-gen toolbox for probiotic products

By Stephen Daniells

The US Food and Drug Administration is developing a next-generation toolbox for analyzing live microbial products, including DNA microarrays, metagenomic sequencing and analysis, and a whole genome database development.

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