Foodborne Illness

Salmonella outbreak has been linked to chicken from Foster Farms

Foster Farms plants to stay open, says USDA

By Carina Perkins and Line Elise Svanevik

US health officials have confirmed that three Californian poultry plants linked to a major salmonella outbreak will remain open under close supervision.

Irradiation can help reduce bacterial growth in meat processing

Canadian beef body seeks irradiation approval

By Carina Perkins

Canada’s beef industry is renewing its push for the approval of irradiation in meat processing plants, which it claims could help reduce foodborne illness from ground beef.

US clamps down on poultry hygiene

US clamps down on poultry hygiene

The US is tightening hygiene controls on ground and mechanically-separated poultry in the wake of several salmonella outbreaks linked to these products.

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