Genetic Engineering

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NOSB votes to keep ‘GMO 2.0’ techniques out of organic

By Elizabeth Crawford

To protect organic crops and products form the “incursion” of rapidly developing genetic engineering, the National Organic Standards Board voted last week to recommend USDA expand and strengthen the definitions of excluded methods under organic regulations.


CFSAF: 'Gen Mills was forced to make decision because of Senate’s failure to act'

General Mills and Mars to roll out GMO labeling nationwide as Vermont deadline looms: 'We can’t label our products for only one state'

By Elaine Watson

It was prompted by pragmatism, rather than an ideological shift, but General Mills and Mars have resolved to roll out GMO labeling nationwide as Congress has proved unable to hammer out a federal solution that all stakeholders can get behind before new...

GMO labeling bill approved for Colorado ballot

Colorado voters to decide on GMO labeling

By Maggie Hennessy

A proposition seeking to label genetically modified foods will be on the November ballot in Colorado after supporters of the Right to Know Colorado initiative submitted nearly 125,000 valid signatures to the Colorado Secretary of State. 

Picture by Daniel Lobo, flickr

Vermont AG: 'Natural' labels do not belong on foods made with GMOs

First Amendment challenge to Vermont GMO labeling law does not stand up, claims state AG

By Elaine Watson

Vermont’s new GMO labeling law (Act 120) does not violate the First Amendment because the disclosures it mandates are “purely factual” and the law “does not require manufacturers to state a particular viewpoint, such as whether GE foods are good or bad”,...

Food industry group wants permission to label GMO foods as ‘natural’

Food industry group wants permission to label GMO foods as ‘natural’

By Maggie Hennessy

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents some of the largest food and beverage manufacturers, is seeking approval to label foods containing GMO ingredients “natural”, according to a Dec. 5 letter the GMA sent to the US Food and Drug Administration. 

Maine House backs GMO labeling bill

Maine House backs GMO labeling bill

By Elaine WATSON

The campaign for mandatory GMO labeling gained a further boost this week as the Maine House of Representatives voted 141-4 in favor of LD 718, a bill that would require foods made with ingredients from biotech crops to carry the label ‘Produced with Genetic...

Californian GMO labeling: What would it mean for food companies?

Californian GMO labeling: What would it mean for food companies?

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The Californian ‘Right to Know’ campaign in support of labeling foods and ingredients produced using genetic engineering looks set for inclusion in the state’s November ballot, after it attracted nearly a million signatures. If enacted, what would the...

BASF has announced it will halt all GM operations in Europe due to a lack of acceptance.

BASF pulls out of European GM market

By Nathan Gray

Ingredients and chemicals giant BASF has announced it will pull the plug on its European operations in genetically modified plant development due to a lack of acceptance in the market.

US takes the biscuit...

US takes the biscuit...

Confirming reports from the European Commission yesterday that the
European consumer is sceptical about food-related biotechnologies,
are the findings of a joint UK-US study into GE biscuits.
Researchers found European shoppers to...


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