Hampton Creek

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Hampton Creek explores the potential of mung bean protein isolate

By Elaine Watson

Mung bean protein has potential applications in everything from egg substitutes to pasta and ice cream, says Hampton Creek, which has just received a 'no questions' letter from the FDA responding to its determination that its proprietary mung...

Eat just? Hampton Creek unveiled a pared down new look in May, but has recently been accused of infringing trademarks registered by packaged water business JUST Goods Inc

Hampton Creek seeks return to Target following FDA probe

By Elaine Watson

It’s been a torrid summer for Hampton Creek, which has unveiled colorful new branding and a bold move into cultured meat, but has also been dogged by reports of boardroom power struggles, a product withdrawal at Target based on allegations Hampton Creek...

Hampton Creek was accused of incorrectly classifying people recruited to do instore demos and other activities as independent contractors, rather than employees

Hampton Creek to settle worker classification lawsuit

By Elaine Watson

Just Mayo maker Hampton Creek – one of a growing number of food companies sued for allegedly misclassifying workers as independent contractors as opposed to employees – is settling its case in order to avoid the hassle and expense of protracted litigation,...

FDA warning letter to Hampton Creek could trigger lawsuits

Letter shows FDA is serious about enforcing standards of identity, says lawyer

FDA warning letter to Hampton Creek could trigger new wave of lawsuits, predict attorneys

By Elaine Watson

While Unilever dropped a false advertising lawsuit over egg-free spread Just Mayo last year amid an avalanche of bad PR, the FDA has picked up where Unilever left off with a warning letter advising brand owner Hampton Creek it is playing fast and loose...

Hampton Creek Foods sued again over 'deceptive' Just Mayo name

Hampton Creek Foods sued again over 'deceptive' Just Mayo name

By Elaine Watson

Just weeks after Unilever dropped its false advertising lawsuit against Hampton Creek Foods over its egg-free spread ‘Just Mayo’, a consumer class action making near-identical claims has been filed in Florida - and then abruptly withdrawn again.

Hampton Creek plant-based mayo secures Walmart distribution

Five questions for Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick

Just Mayo Walmart deal just another step in 'making food better': Hampton Creek CEO

By Maggie Hennessy

It’s been a busy summer for Hampton Creek. After just six months on the market and $30mn raised in funding from the likes of Bill Gates and Yahoo cofounder Jerry Yang, its plant-based mayonnaise brand Just Mayo is the No. 1 selling mayo at Whole Foods...


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