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Menopause: Nutrition interventions for symptom support

By Olivia Brown

Experts have noted the importance of fibre, polyphenols, and probiotics to support gut health during the menopause, and discussed the growing evidence for vitamin D, omega-3, soy isoflavones, and magnesium supplementation to alleviate associated symptoms.

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New survey provides snapshot of menopause experience

By Danielle Masterson

With more than one billion women expected to have entered menopause worldwide by 2025, Bonafide is highlighting the need to increase education on preparing, managing, and addressing solutions for menopause symptoms.

Women reverting to HRT?

Women reverting to HRT?

Women are going back onto hormone replacement therapy because it is
significantly more effective against menopausal symptoms than
herbal remedies, an organisation of American gynecologists said on


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