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Holland and Barrett predicts health trends for 2024

By Olivia Brown

Following strong trends in protein and immunity throughout 2023, Holland and Barrett predicts new consumer demands for natural energy alternatives, cognitive care, personalised hormonal support, and optimised hydration in 2024.

Source: E. Crawford

Summer Fancy Food Show

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Six trends to watch from the Summer Fancy Food Show

By Elizabeth Crawford

At the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City late last month emerging and established brands were going back to basics with simplified ingredients, streamlined packaging, clear cut benefits and natural – if not always familiar – flavor profiles.

Photo credit: Istock

Special edition: Food for kids

Healthy NPD should be the starting point for kids' food

By Niamh Michail

The ‘good for you’ trend in children’s food is growing, and small companies would do well to focus on healthy new product development in order to compete with big players who have the money to reformulate and rebrand, says one analyst.

Post plans to revitalize PowerBar

Post plans to revitalize PowerBar

By Elizabeth Crawford

Post Holdings hopes to return the long-neglected and aging PowerBar brand back to its former glory by revitalizing its marketing, branding and product innovation in 2015, according to company executives. 

What do you do? Unlocking plant protein's potential

60-second interview: the day job

What do you do? Paul Niemann on unlocking plant protein's potential

By Maggie Hennessy

In the latest installment of our What do you do series, we caught up with Paul Niemann, who has been leading product development at quinoa snack firm eatKeenwa, on why new product development is more like problem solving, how many hats the EVP of a startup...

Hershey carefully bites into innovation efforts...

Hershey: Tentative on innovation?

By Kacey Culliney

Hershey’s CEO has said that pacing is important in innovation and while efforts have been “far more disciplined” than in the past, it is still committed to new product development (NPD).

NPD beyond borders: Thinking global for local product launches

Special edition: The new product development process

NPD beyond borders: Thinking global for local product launches

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Global food companies face big NPD challenges in appealing to widely varied local tastes, but as the world becomes increasingly interconnected, manufacturers are learning lessons from product launches half a world away.

How can social media fit into the NPD process?

Special edition: The new product development process

How can social media fit into the NPD process?

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Social media allows companies to feel out consumer perceptions of ingredients and concepts at the beginning of the product development process – and combines well with more traditional consumer research, says social media research firm Loudpixel.

Tate & Lyle's Alabama sucralose plant was the first in the world to produce the high intensity sweetener on an industrial scale

Sucralose: Can Tate & Lyle keep its first-mover advantage?

By Elaine Watson

For a long time, Tate & Lyle had the sucralose market to itself. It discovered it, patented it to the hilt, and perfected the manufacturing process at plants capable of producing it on an industrial scale.

Specialized R&D positions remain tough to fill

Focus on recruitment in food and drink

Job market holds up in NPD, but housing woes and energy fears remain

By Elaine Watson

Food and drink manufacturers are slowly starting to recruit again as confidence levels improve, but problems in the housing market and worries over energy prices continue to thwart progress, according to recruitment agencies specializing in the food sector.


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