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Beetroot lattes are bursting onto Instagram thanks to their bright colour. Pic:getty/mariiaplo

‘Social media has changed the way we drink!’

By Rachel Arthur

Beetroot, matcha, turmeric and charcoal are helping beverages burst into colour – all the more important as bright and beautiful photos of what we eat and drink continue to gain traction on social media channels. So how is social media shaping beverage...

IRI insights on Gen Z shopping suggest marketers need a new approach

IRI insights on Gen Z shopping suggest marketers need a new approach

By Elizabeth Crawford

Unlike cost-conscious generations that came before, Generation Z cares more about convenience than price – a dramatic reversal that will change not only how brands and retailers catch their attention but also where and how they shop, according to new...

Social Nature harnesses social media to drive consumer engagement

Social Nature harnesses social media to drive consumer engagement

How do you generate buzz around your new product without breaking the bank?

By Elaine Watson

Demos are expensive and time consuming, shows and events can be hit and miss, and redemption rates for coupons handed out at events can be frustratingly low. So how can you reach more target consumers, generate more buzz about your products, and use it...

 'Food brands actively seek to recruit Facebook users to spread their marketing – seeking likes, tags, comments and photos,' write the authors. Photo: iStock

Facebook could be making kids fat: report

By David Burrows

Food and drink brands are restricting their use of websites to promote unhealthy products to children, instead using social media giant Facebook, an Irish report has found.

Big food firms are climate smart but social media stupid

By David Burrows

Brands are blowing a major opportunity to communicate their sustainability initiatives to millions of consumers with social media updates that are “inane, safe and saccharinely artificial in their bonhomie”, says a report.

Zola CEO: You can't engage just with 'likes'

Focus on social media

Zola CEO: You can't engage just with 'likes'

By Maggie Hennessy

When 13-year-old acai and coconut water manufacturer Zola decided to revamp its web presence to shift attention toward its growing coconut water line, founder and CEO Chris Cuvelier knew he risked losing some followers in the short term, but the long-term...

Enjoy Life: With marketing, mobile is everything

Enjoy Life: With marketing, mobile is everything

By Maggie Hennessy

Gluten-free and allergy-friendly packaged foods manufacturer Enjoy Life Foods understands the particular importance of word of mouth when it comes to its customers, and the firm has embraced the next generation of this through its investments in social...

Ron Levine:

Labeling laws shouldn’t be decided in court: F&B attorney

By Maggie Hennessy

With more and more class-action lawsuits against the food and beverage industry making headlines, FoodNavigator-USA caught up with an attorney specializing in complex corporate litigation to discuss the proper role of the courts, the shorter window for...

IPPE held in Atlanta saw consumer trends discussed

IPPE: US poultry delegates examine consumer trends and prices

By Ed Bedington

The fast pace of new technology, coupled with the growing dominance of social media is having a significant change on consumer behaviour, delegates to the 2014 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta were told.

Social media represents an extremely powerful B2B tool, it's not just for brand-building and consumer engagement, expert says

Social media: The B2B money maker?

By Kacey Culliney

Social media is an extremely powerful brand-building tool that engages consumers, but it can also be a platform for strong business relationships and revenue generation, an expert says.


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