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Soylent unveils Bridge: ‘the inbetween meal’

By Elaine Watson

Soylent – a meal replacement brand that gained a cult following among Silicon Valley programmers after its 2014 launch, but has since broadened its portfolio and its appeal – is launching Bridge, a new ready-to-drink beverage with 180 calories and 15g...

Sated keto meal shakes will be a competitor to Soylent, says founder

Sated keto meal shakes will be a competitor to Soylent, says founder

By Mary Ellen Shoup

After blowing through its $10,800 Kickstarter goal within a few hours, Sated – the brand behind newly-introduced ready-to-drink (RTD) ‘keto meal shakes’ – believes betting big on the keto diet trend will propel the brand to a wider audience including...

Bryan Crowley assumes CEO role at Soylent

Soylent products now in 500+ bricks & mortar stores including H.E.B. and 7-Eleven

Bryan Crowley assumes CEO role at Soylent, gears up for wider bricks & mortar rollout after trial at 7-Eleven ‘blew away our expectations’

By Elaine Watson

Bryan Crowley is moving into the CEO role at Los Angeles-based Soylent as the high-profile meal replacement brand seeks to expand its retail footprint in bricks & mortar stores following a trial at 7-Eleven that “blew away our expectations.”

Soylent powder: Just add water and shake...

TerraVia CEO ‘surprised and disappointed’ by Soylent’s reaction to recall

Soylent’s rush to judgment over recall is damaging our business, claims TerraVia as it suspends supplies of all of its ingredients to Soylent

By Elaine Watson

Soylent’s decision to drop TerraVia’s algal flour from its new food bar and version 1.6 of its powder was made without a rigorous investigation into whether it was actually to blame for digestive issues a small number of customers experienced after consuming...

Soylent unveils Coffiest line extension, plans move into bars

Pro-GMO blog a hit: 'Consumers appreciate that we’re not just blindly following a trend.'

Soylent unveils Coffiest line extension, plans move into bars

By Elaine Watson

After three years of focus on one product – enhanced with periodic upgrades – Soylent is expanding its portfolio with the launch of Coffiest, a caffeine-fueled version of its flagship Soylent 2.0 beverage (launching today), and Soylent Bar (appearing...


Soylent: 'Proudly Made with GMOs'

By Elaine Watson

It’s a bold move given how highly-charged – and extremely polarized - the debate has become, but Los Angeles-based start-up Soylent has weighed into the conversation over genetically engineered food crops with a blog post entitled: 'Soylent: Proudly...

Investors aren't just buying into a product, but a loyal online community of engaged users, says venture capital exec

SPECIAL FEATURE: So Soylent secures $20m… Money well spent?

By Elaine Watson

While uncharitable observers have described Soylent as “only slightly more appealing than an IV bag”, news that the LA-based food substitute firm has just secured $20m in funding and is now generating “millions of dollars per month in subscription revenues”...


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