Dry January has been growing in popularity - so what can we learn from this? Pic:getty/richvintage

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5 things we learned about the alcohol-free category in January

By Rachel Arthur

January is the month of the year when the low and no alcohol category really has a chance to shine. So what have we learned about the direction of the category this year? Here’s five takeaways from Drynuary.


What’s next in RTD coffee?

By Rachel Arthur

Gen Z consumers are more likely to drink RTD coffee than hot coffee – and as brands respond, the category is expanding and developing. We explore what’s trending in RTD coffee – and where the category could go next.

Beyond bread: Gluten-free potential in beer and pizza

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

Gluten-free bakery still offers plenty of opportunity in Europe, but beer, pizza and prepared meals are the most untapped segment of the cereal-containing products, according to a Mintel analyst.

Salt reduction policies may also involve trade flow in the future

What’s next for salt reduction policy?


European salt reduction initiatives have come a long way over the past few years – but what’s working, and what are the next steps?

Junk Food Babes

Weekly Comment

Junk Food Babes

If education is meant to deliver knowledge and wise choices, why
are we doing so little to educate our children about food?

FSA happy with meat safety

FSA happy with meat safety

Concerns that uncooked meats and meat products on sale in the UK
could contain high levels of the potentially harmful chemical
1,3-dichloropropanol (1,3-DCP) have proven unfounded following an
investigation by the government-funded...

Poultry poisoning breakthrough

Poultry poisoning breakthrough

Scientists from the Institute of Food Research (IFR), UK, have
found that specific probiotics - beneficial bacteria - can destroy
pathogenic bacteria living in the gut of poultry. The discovery
could help remove the threat of bacterial...


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