Refreshment beverages have outperformed both traditional beverages and alcohol in recent years. Pic: ©GettyImages/diego_cervo

Bottled water dominates 2018: Sparkling and value-added options surge

By Beth Newhart

Bottled water has quickly become the most successful mass market beverage category in the US, approaching 14 billion gallons sold in 2018. It’s widening the gap between it and other refreshment beverages that have struggled with innovating healthy, low-calorie...

Ocean's Balance to showcase kelp puree at IFT 2017

Ocean's Balance to showcase kelp puree at IFT 2017

By Elaine Watson

Maine-based Ocean’s Balance is unveiling a new kelp purée at the IFT show in Las Vegas this year, where it will showcase a series of dishes made with the calcium-, iron-, and folate-packed ingredient.

Waiākea: We never claimed we're bottling spring water

Waiākea CEO: 'We've never claimed that we're bottling spring water'

By Elaine Watson

Bottled water brand Waiakea has “never claimed” to be spring water, founder and CEO Ryan Emmons has insisted in the wake of media reports in Hawaii alleging that the company uses a municipal water source, yet appears to imply, through the way it markets...

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