DSM launches enzyme for cloudy citrus drinks

By Laura Crowley

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DSM has developed a new enzyme for citrus fruit processing, which
retains a cloudy appearance in juice drinks and makes them more
visually appealing to consumers.

The Dutch ingredients manufacturer's latest innovation, Rapidase Citrus Cloudy, has been specifically developed for the citrus juice industry. It is produced from a proprietary DSM selected fungus strain - aspergillus niger. It contains specific pectinases, with a low pectin esterase level, to break down the pectin and ensure viscosity reduction in all citrus juice products. This in turn maintains cloud stability. Isabelle van Rolleghem, industry manager for fruit processing and wine ingredients at DSM said: "Cloud stability is very important to consumers because when the pulp fails to remain in suspension and, instead, settles at the bottom of the bottle, the product is not as visually appealing.Producing enzymatic cloudy juice is much more cost efficient than previous techniques." ​ A secondary benefit is that it can improve the extraction of valuable soluble and insoluble fibres that can be used as a sugar source in soft drinks and as clouding agents in drink bases. DSM claims its new enzyme is easy to use and can be added during the core wash and pulp wash processes to retain cloudiness. "Citrus fruit processing presents a number of challenges for manufacturers due to the fruit's complex physical structure,"​ said Rolleghem. "At DSM, we have taken into account the diverse biochemical compositions and developed a portfolio of ingredients, which truly meet the needs of the citrus fruit processing industry." ​ Enzymes are being used increasingly worldwide in the food and beverage processing applications and are expected to rise by 8 per cent each year to reach $1.2bn (€846.2m) by 2011, according to the World Enzymes report by The Freedonia Group. In the food and beverage industry, processors use enzymes as a natural way to improve production efficiency, as well as food quality and consistency. The food and beverage enzyme market makes up 57 per cent of the overall enzyme market. Rapidase Citrus Cloudy complements DSM's existing processing range, and the company suggests the enzymes be used in synergy. This includes Rapidase Intense, an active and stable enzyme with a low pH level that improves clarification and concentration in lemon juice, and the Rapidase C80L products, which contains an ideal combination of pectinases and hemicellulases for citrus processing. DSM says it has solutions for all manners of applications in citrus fruit processing, including pre-peeling, pulp washing, peel juice extraction, juice clarification and oil recovery.

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