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By Elaine Watson

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What's for dessert?
What's for dessert?
It makes more sense than a striped pyramid with a stick man running up the side, but does USDA's new food icon tick all the right boxes? Tell us what you think.

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Posted by Lori,

If you go to choosemyplate.gov, you can"customize" your plate according to your needs. I checked out the recommendations for a pregnant woman. Skim milk? Soy milk? Tofu? Where's the eggs and salmon? A growing baby needs tons of fat soluble nutrients for development. Where are they? This is frightening. No essential nutrients in grains - what are they thinking??

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Not My Plate

Posted by Jerry Segers,

As noted elsewhere, it is not new. It still promotes a no fat diets. It still tells you that carbs are your friend. It still misrepresents the available science, and it still promotes the Big AG agenda.

Unfortunately it does this in a way that more people will likely understand what it says; so, it is likely that it will make thing worse instead of better in terms of public health. Sigh...

I really was hoping for better, but at least we can take comfort in the fact that it is not as bad as it could have been.

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My Plate ??? not my cup of tea!

Posted by John,

The My Plate chatter shows we never should have abandoned the original USDA Pyramid. That Rainbow thing was an obvious cave-in to political pressure...sugesting that some things...refined white things in particular...can be bad for you. How dare they! YOu should ask people which they preferred...the original simple pyramin...the "rainbow Pyramid...or this plate. Perhaps even through in the Japanese Spinning Top???

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