Bai Brands goes sparkling with Bai Bubbles, warns CSDs ‘dying on the vine’


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Bai Brands goes sparkling with Bai Bubbles, warns CSDs are ‘dying’

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Bai Brands founder Ben Weiss says he believes carbonated soft drinks are ‘dying on the vine and need true variety’ as his firm aims to disrupt the category with sparkling line Bai Bubbles.

The company will introduce the sparkling, all-natural, antioxidant-infused range into the New York metropolitan area from October 1 through Dr Pepper Snapple’s (DPSs) system, and is planning a US-wide launch in Q1 2015.

The New Jersey brand's USP involves using coffee fruit for its high antioxidant count and taste, alongside exotic fruit flavours, natural sweeteners (organic stevia) and low sugar levels.

The Bai Bubbles line-up comprises Bolivia Black Cherry, Peru Pineapple, Gimbi Pink Grapefruit, Waikiki Coconut, Jamaica Blood Orange, Indonesia Nashi Pear and Guatemala Guava. All flavors will be sold in 11.5oz slim cans.

Capturing consumer leakage from standard CSDs

We asked Bai Brands founder and CEO Ben Weiss if the brand chose to go sparkling to capture some of the leakage away from standard CSDs, in terms of changing consumer habits and the rise of teas and waters?

“I think that category is dying on the vine and… needs true variety,” ​Weiss replied.

“It needs something that consumers are looking for and is not out there. We’re really confident that our brand will crossover, and there’s not many brands that have a still and a carbonated side by side.”

Thus, Bai claims it is bringing real variety to the CSD category with its 5 calorie per can, 1g of sugar per serving proposition; the brand also insists it uses no artificial ingredients.

Bai Bubbles: A ‘smart age’ not a ‘new age’ beverage

Bai 5
Bai Brands' still soft drinks range Bai 5 uses coffee fruit as a functional delivery agent for antioxidants, with five calories per serving, 4% fruit juice content and 1g of sugar.

Aside from the flavours on offer and carbonation, the sparkling drinks line is identical to Bai’s existing still range Bai 5, which is distributed across the US as part of Dr Pepper Snapple’s (DPS’s) system - the firm inked a deal with the soda giant late last year​.

Ken Kurtz, Bai president, said consumers wanted to buy hydrating, low-calorie sparkling drinks that are high in flavour, not sugar.

“We consider Bai Bubbles to be part of the evolution from the ‘new age’ to the ‘smart age’ of beverage choices,”​ he said.

“Today, more than ever, consumers read labels are cognizant of the ingredients inside,”​ Kurtz added.

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