All news articles for June 2016

Canada shipped close to 20,000 tonnes of beef to Mexico last year

Mexico lifts ban on Canadian beef

By Oscar Rousseau

Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto has lifted the last import restrictions on Canadian beef following a meeting with Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau.

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Summer Fancy Food Show

Coffee breaks free from mugs to enter new categories in new formats

By Elizabeth Crawford

While many Americans consider coffee a must have beverage in the morning, innovators showcasing products at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City in late July demonstrated that coffee is not restricted to mugs.

Source: E. Crawford

Summer Fancy Food Show

Sheila G’s overcomes challenges to launch organic Brownie Brittle

By Elizabeth Crawford

Sheila G’s retains its “edge on brownies” and its competition with the launch of an organic Brownie Brittle line that launched this year despite initial formulation challenges and tighter product margins, according to the company’s founder and CEO Sheila...

Thrive Market co-CEOs Gunnar Lovelace (left) and Nick Green (right)

Thrive Market raises $111m in funding round led by Invus

By Elaine Watson

Los Angeles based Thrive Market – a membership-based online marketplace promising Whole Foods products at wholesale prices, delivered to your door – has raised $111m in a funding round led by investment firm Invus.

Crystal Pepsi to make a nostalgia-fueled comeback this summer

Crystal Pepsi to make a nostalgia-fueled comeback this summer

By Elaine Watson

Inspired by "overwhelming fan demand," Pepsi (as widely rumored) is bringing back Crystal Pepsi – a clear cola it launched, and ditched again in the 1990s – for a limited time in retail and foodservice locations in Canada and the US this summer.

Researchers have used bacteriophages to destroy salmonella cells

Scientists find defence for deadly pathogen

By Oscar Rousseau

Academics at the University of Nevada in the US have reduced salmonella in meat products by up to 90% after research into new pathogen prevention systems. 

Whole Foods picks Nielsen as US analytics provider for POS data

Whole Foods to start sharing POS data with Nielsen

By Elaine WATSON

Whole Foods Market – which has historically not shared its sales data with syndicated data providers - has selected Nielsen as its primary US analytics provider for point of sale (POS) data, consumer insights, and industry metrics.

Nestlé has decided to appoint Ulf Mark Schneider as its new CEO, starting on 1 January 2017

Nestlé appoints new CEO

By Will Chu

Food giant Nestlé has appointed Ulf Mark Schneider as its new CEO, effective from the start of next year.

'People will pay more for food. The British people have voted to raise the food prices,' says professor Tim Lang. Photo: iStock

Brexit Briefings: Interview

What are Britain's post-Brexit options and how will it impact industry?

By Niamh Michail

Rising food prices, watered-down safety standards, food law dictated by big businesses and a disastrous impact on public health. Professor in food policy Tim Lang looks at the options of a post-Brexit UK but sees little light at the end of the channel...

Price swings have caused headaches for the US beef industry

Extreme volatility hurts US beef industry

By Oscar Rousseau

Week-to-week volatility in the US beef sector has caused more difficulty for the industry than sharp price declines, Rabobank has claimed. 

Brownies made with 40% chickpeas? That's Pure Genius...

Brownies made with 40% chickpeas? That's Pure Genius...

By Elaine Watson

Pure Genius brownies are moist, indulgent and satisfying. They also happen to contain 40% chickpeas (garbanzo beans are the #1 ingredient), flaxseed and oats, and half the calories of a regular brownie, coupled with a meaningful amount of fiber and protein.

Beans from the Rancho Gordo Desert Island Sampler pack: Santa Maria Pinquito, Midnight Black, Alubia Blanca, Classic Cranberry, and Yellow Eye.

Pulses, Seeds, and Grains

Rancho Gordo brings heirloom beans to American doorsteps

By Adi Menayang

Working with farmers from Central California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, and Mexico, Napa-based Rancho Gordo is resurrecting long-forgotten beans and bringing them back to the American table.

Brexit: what's next? Pic: iStock

Brexit: Reactions from the beverage industry

By Rachel Arthur

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, and the negotiation of new trade agreements will be a key area of focus for the wine and spirits industries.

Research suggests irradiation is safe and prevents the presence of harmful pathogens

Canada poised to allow beef irradiation

By Mandy Kovacs, Ottawa

Canadian health officials will consider the pros and cons of allowing the sale of ground beef exposed to radiation to go ahead. 

Photo: iStock


Britain votes to leave the EU: What now?

By Niamh Michail

Britain has voted to leave the European Union and Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned as a result. Across Europe and the UK, the food industry is coming to terms with the outcome.

The meat industry in the US is responsible for over five million jobs

Hides earn cash, as meat delivers 5% of US GDP

By Oscar Rousseau

Hides and skins generate $3.4bn for the US economy, while meat delivers 5.6% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), according to analysis by the North American Meat Institute (NAMI).

China's imports of Brazilian beef are expected to stay high throughout 2016

Brazil floods China with beef

By Oscar Rousseau

Australia has been overtaken by Brazil as China's primary source of beef following a surge in Brazilian beef exports to the country, according to Rabobank.

Tyson Foods poultry president Noel White said his division had 'fundamentally changed' how it operates

Tyson Foods buoyed by rising demand

By Oscar Rousseau

Tyson Foods executives have told investors the food giant has enjoyed surging demand for its branded meat products.

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