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Kroger unveils Stratum, a 'breakthrough analytics' tool to help CPG partners track performance on- and offline

By Elaine Watson

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84.51° is powered by data captured for nearly 60 million households across 35 states. Picture: Kroger
84.51° is powered by data captured for nearly 60 million households across 35 states. Picture: Kroger

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Kroger’s consumer data platform 84.51° has launched Stratum: a tool to help CPG partners track online and in-store sales, data inventory, out of stocks, assortment, promotions, customer segmentation and behavioral insights.

Designed as an “accelerator for our brands and CPG partners alike​," according to Kroger COO Mike Donnelly, Stratum offers “multiple subscription packages to meet varying needs and budgets.”

Stratum “will dramatically change the way our brand partners plan and execute their marketing and merchandising budgets,”​ claimed 84.51° CEO Stuart Aitken.  

Stratum Platinum offers data and insights on:

  • SALES PERFORMANCE,​ including gross margin, with granularity down to item and store
  • CUSTOMER PROFILING,​ segmenting households by behavior and demographics
  • CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR​, including composition of basket, cross-shop, and switching over time
  • NEW ITEM PERFORMANCE,​ including trial and repeat, incrementality to existing set, and source of new item volume
  • ECOMMERCE,​ insights across digital purchase modalities with comparison to performance in-store
  • PROMOTION PLANNING AND EVALUATION​ versus everyday forecasted sales, including feature and display detail
  • ASSORTMENT​ evaluation with category structures, with need states defined at item level
  • INVENTORY TRACKING AND DEMAND FORECASTING,​ with visibility to DC and store supply, and in-store out-of-stock and distribution void conditions
  • PRICE​ for everyday and during promotion, with price elasticities and classifications on P&P matrix
  • SPACE MANAGEMENT​ tools including POG information and mapping for categories across the entire store

The announcement follows a tie up between Kroger and private equity firm Lindsay Goldberg to create PearlRock Partners, a new platform that will identify and invest in promising new CPG brands utilizing insights from 84.51°.

Read more about Stratum HERE.

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