Fiberstar, Alland & Robert release texturing ingredients that tackle common plant-based challenges

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Image Credit: Getty Images/YURY MATVEEV
Image Credit: Getty Images/YURY MATVEEV

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While the flavor of a food or beverage is often cited as one of the main drivers of a purchase decision, consumers also are looking for products with a satisfying crunch or texture. But creating the right texture, especially in the plant-based food category, comes with some unique formulation challenges.

Food ingredient companies, Fiberstar and Alland & Robert, recently released texturing agents that address common challenges in formulating plant-based options, including moisture retention and gelling. They also offer a variety of other benefits across other categories.

Fiberstar releases Citri-Fi 400 series

First, Fiberstar released its Citri-Fi 400 series​, a line of organic citrus fibers designed to improve the texture and stability of food and beverage products at less than a 1% usage rate.

Joining Fiberstar's line of Citri-Fi 100 citrus fibers, the new Citri-Fi 400 series is a byproduct of the citrus juicing process in the form of an intact native pectin, which provides water-holding and emulsification properties. The ingredient can be used in a range of bakery, dairy, processed meats, dressings, sauces, and frozen foods applications and plant-based milk and protein products.

Citri-Fi 400 series is non-GMO, non-allergenic, gluten-free and USDA-certified organic, and labeling options for the ingredient include citrus flour or fiber and dried citrus pulp. The ingredient is also certified as an organic source by the European Union.

Alland & Robert releases fiber ingredient for confections category

Alland & Robert​'s Syndeo Gelling ingredient offers a vegan alternative to gelatin and other gelling agents. 

A mix of gum acacia and natural plant-based hydrocolloids, Syndeo Gelling is an odorless, colorless, and neutral-tasting ingredient that can be used in confections, including jelly sweets, marshmallows, mousses and creams. Syndeo Gelling provides thickening, stabilizing, bulking, and binding attributes to these product categories. Additionally, since the FDA granted gum acacia dietary fiber status in 2021, this ingredient can be listed as a fiber in nutritional labels in the US.

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