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Atomo founders Jarret Stopforth (left) and Andy Kleitsch (right). Picture: Atomo Coffee

Coffee… minus the beans? Atomo raises $9m, plans 2021 launch

By Elaine Watson

Atomo Coffee – a Seattle-based startup that claims to have reverse engineered your morning joe to make an awesome cup of coffee without using beans – has raised an extra $9m in seed funding, bringing its cumulative funding to $11.6m, with plans to bring...

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General Mills finds more families report eating breakfast together

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Three quarters of families with school-aged children now report being able to spend more time together eating at the breakfast table, promoting an uptick in cereal consumption, according to a new survey commissioned by General Mills Big G cereals.

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Talkwalker report reveals shifting consumer preferences and pain points

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Evolving shopping habits brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic are remolding consumer needs, and food brands must build new connections with their customers by paying close attention to new emerging issues, pain points, and desires that matter most to their...

Photo Credit: Hubba

Hubba CEO: 'Alternative retail is our biggest area of growth by far'

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Alternative retail – restaurants and cafes to rock climbing gyms and spas – is a channel that should not be overlooked for emerging food and beverage brands looking to establish their retail footing, says Ben Zifkin, CEO of Hubba, a b2b e-commerce platform...