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'The number one consumer driver is natural or clean label, followed by glycemic index and keto friendly...'

Sweeteners in focus: Where next for allulose, stevia, isomaltulose?

By Elaine Watson

Are sugar alcohols losing their luster, will allulose take off, and is stevia still hot? FoodNavigator-USA caught up with Icon Foods, Cargill and Beneo to explore formulation trends as brands come under increasing pressure to reduce sugar and keep labels...

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GUEST ARTICLE: Here I go again on my own… why food startups need a team

By James Richardson, PhD, founder, Premium Growth Solutions

I continue to meet a remarkable number of founders who are trying to go it alone. They aren’t shut-ins either. I believe this is a strategic mistake that undercuts the ability of any young food business to stay disciplined and focused.

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