Galam Group

Established in 1940, Galam Group brings extensive expertise in refining nature’s raw materials - manufacturing fructose (Fruitose®), glucose, natural high-fiber and protein ingredients, as well as native and modified starches. Additionally, Galam Group...


Founded in 1997, Ganeden is at the forefront of probiotic research and product development with an extensive library of published studies and more than 100 patents for probiotic technologies in the food, beverage, animal health, sports nutrition and personal...

GEA Filtration

GEA Filtration specializes in cross-flow membrane filtration, specifically nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, microfiltration, and ultrafiltration to the food, dairy, nutraceutical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Gelita AG

GELITA is the leading company for manufacturing and marketing collagen proteins. GELITA provides customers around the world with products of the highest standard, comprehensive technical expertise and sophisticated solutions. More than 135 years of experience...


Givaudan is the recognised world leader in flavours for Savoury, Sweet Goods, Beverages and Dairy products focused on providing TasteSolutions™ for our customers.

Glanbia Nutritionals

Glanbia Nutritionals is a global leader in ingredient solutions, providing customized premixes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, specialty ingredients and colors for the food, beverage and supplement industries. Built on our reputation for outstanding...


Glanbia Nutritionals Inc. specializes in crafting smarter ingredient solutions to meet our customers’ product development needs and propel them to greater success. We have evolved over several years to become one the largest global suppliers and pioneers...

GLG Life Tech Corporation

GLG Life Tech Corporation (GLG: TSX), established in 1999, is a global leader in the supply chain of high-purity, zero-calorie natural sweeteners including stevia and monk fruit extracts used in the food and beverage industry.GLG's vertically integrated...

Gnosis USA Inc.

With over 25 years of experience in microbial fermentation and an international manufacturing network dedicated to high-quality and proprietary products Gnosis is a leading manufacturer and seller of active and functional ingredients and natural finished...

Grain Processing Corporation

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) continually expands its line of specialty food ingredients to meet changing industry trends and customer requirements.

Gum Technology

Gum Technology Corporation specializes in gum and hydrocolloid blends. Coyote Brand gums, and gum blends extend shelf life by retaining moisture and providing freeze thaw stability.

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