JBS does not expect the corruption sting to hurt its reputation

JBS not directly targeted in corruption sting

By Kakie Roubaud

Brazil’s JBS claims it has not been harmed by Brazilian police raids earlier this month as the country’s ongoing corruption investigations - dubbed ‘Operation Sepsis’ - continue.

China's imports of Brazilian beef are expected to stay high throughout 2016

Brazil floods China with beef

By Oscar Rousseau

Australia has been overtaken by Brazil as China's primary source of beef following a surge in Brazilian beef exports to the country, according to Rabobank.

JBS buoyed by growth after acquisition of two companies

JBS profits rise, despite US dip

By Chloe Ryan

The world’s largest meat processor, Brazilian firm JBS, has reported strong sales growth in its third financial quarter (Q3), driven largely by its food division, despite struggles in its US protein business.

The Five Nations Beef Alliance has expanded to become International Beef Alliance

International beef alliance grows

By Chloe Ryan

A group of five nations that formed an alliance to collaborate on beef trade has now become seven, after Paraguay and Mato Grosso in Brazil became the latest members. 

Broiler production is one of the few good news stories associated with Brazil's economy

Poultry could help address Brazil’s economic woes

By Mauricio Savarese, in São Paulo

Poultry exports could help halt Brazil’s economic slump, experts have claimed, as its gross domestic product (GDP) looks set to sink by more than 2% this year. 

Sao Paolo, where beef prices have risen significantly in the wholesale market

Brazil sees higher cattle prices

By Michelle Perrett

Brazilian cattle market prices have risen, driven by a low supply of animals for slaughter, according to analysis from CEPEA, the research centre of the University of São Paulo. 

JBS has developed a daily monitoring system for its cattle suppliers

Brazilian food giant reports progress in pledge to preserve Amazon

By Helen Arnold

Brazilian food processing giant JBS, which has publicly pledged not to purchase cattle from ranches responsible for deforestation inside the Amazon Biome region, has reported that of 12,221 sales in 2014, only four were from non-conforming farms, according...

Brazilian beef is making waves abroad

Brazil looks to achieve US$7bn in beef export revenues

By Georgi Gyton

The Association of Brazilian Beef Export Industries (ABIEC) has said it hopes to achieve a record US$7bn in revenues by the end of 2014, in a fitting celebration of the country’s 100th year in the beef export business.

BSE ban on Brazilian beef lifted by china, Australian concerns

China lifts Brazilian beef ban

By Ed Bedington

Brazilian producers are hoping to recapture lost ground after China announced it was lifting its ban on the country’s beef, imposed following the discovery of BSE in 2012.

Brazil's beef exports are performing strongly

Surge in Brazil’s beef exports

By Carina Perkins

Brazilian beef exports have soared as a result of strong demand from Russia and a weakening of the Brazilian real.

Brazil moves to reassure over BSE

Brazil moves to reassure over BSE

By Carina Perkins

Brazilian agriculture officials have offered reassurances over the safety of Brazilian beef, following confirmation of the country’s first case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

Brazil orders Nestlé to label GM products

Brazil orders Nestlé to label GM products

By Rod Addy

A court in Brazil has ordered Nestlé to impose mandatory labelling for all its products in the country highlighting more than 1% genetically modified (GM) ingredients.

Brazil cited as a leading poultry exporter

Brazil cited as a leading poultry exporter

By Nicholas Robinson

A detailed report looking at the impact of Brazil’s agricultural impact on third-country markets has been published, highlighting Brazil as a leading poultry exporter.

Brazilian beef: The China of Latin America?

Brazilian beef: The China of Latin America?

By Lizzie Bonsall, research analyst, Promar International

The agricultural sector in Brazil remains critical to the overall economy per se at some 70% of GDP and employing around 30 million people.

Meat production can be sustainable, says WWF

Meat production can be sustainable, says WWF

By Melodie Michel

Meeting growing world demand for meat while preserving the environment is achievable with improved management practices and efficiency, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Compton: “Brazil is an extremely important market for PepsiCo

PepsiCo snaps up Brazilian snack maker Mabel

By Elaine Watson

PepsiCo has boosted its presence in Brazil via the acquisition of Mabel, a leading producer of cookies, crackers and snacks – for an undisclosed sum.


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