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Some Americans have apparently been eating raw chicken kievs

US body calls for raw chicken laws

By Oscar Rousseau

Mandatory labelling for raw and stuffed poultry is urgently needed to stop consumers becoming sick and confused, the National Chicken Council (NCC) warned the US government.

Weber Packaging Solutions print labels for companies like Epsom

Weber on Weber: CEO ‘honoured’ by new role

By Oscar Rousseau

Doug Weber has been named president and CEO of the eponymously-named Weber Packaging Solutions, a global designer and manufacturer of product labelling used by the meat industry. 

The USDA will invest in nanoscale science and technology to improve pathogen monitoring

US invests in nanotechnology for food safety

By Oscar Rousseau

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced plans to pump millions into researching ways nanotechnology can be used to improve food safety.

Maxwell's CEO Michael Walsh: 'We are excited about our partnership with CSP'

CSP to buy Maxwell Chase Technologies

By Oscar Rousseau

US packaging company CSP Technologies plans to expand in the food industry through a deal to take over the Atlanta-based business Maxwell Chase Technologies.

Evertis De Mexico’s Aprigio Pinto said investment is “crucial” for “continuous growth”

Packaging system stops defects

By Oscar Rousseau

Nordson Corporation has claimed its co-extrusion die system can alleviate packaging instability, resulting in increased layer uniformity and less risk of product defects.

The most 'technologically advanced' film for food packaging

Canada packs a punch with innovative packaging

By Oscar Rousseau

Meat processors in Canada are to benefit from LINPAC’s packaging technology after it agreed a deal with Heat Sealing Packaging (HSP), which supplies food materials and equipment in Canada. 

Sous vide is being explored as a growth opportunity

US meat processor looks at sous vide opportunity

By Aidan Fortune

Meat prepared sous vide may soon be available more widely in the US, after an Ohio-based company opened a new processing facility and said it wanted to introduce the cooking technique to a broader audience. 

US officials made their case at the WHO's headquarters in Geneva

COOL labelling sanctions not cool, argues US

By Peter Ungphakorn in Geneva

Canada and Mexico should dilute sanctions they want the World Trade Organisation (WHO) to approve in retaliation against Washington’s beef and pork country-of-origin labelling (COOL) rules, the US has argued at a WHO hearing.

Canada's agriculture minister Gerry Ritz has threatened retaliatory tariffs if US origin labelling proposals go ahead

Canada rejects US origin label plans

By Michelle Perrett

Canada has rejected plans for the US to introduce voluntary labelling legislation calling it a “short-sighted” proposal. 

The sensor could be used in meat packaging

Smart packaging could replace expiry dates

By Chloe Ryan

Smart packaging that detects gases emitted by rotting meat may soon be available, offering consumers far more accurate information than expiration dates.

ProcessExpo will take place in Chicago on 3-6 November 2013

Show preview

Process Expo sets out its stall in Chicago

By Line Elise Svanevik

The global food equipment and technology show Process Expo will take place in Chicago, Illinois on 3-6 November this year.

Process Expo speakers revealed

Process Expo 2013

Process Expo speakers revealed

By Line Svanevik

The speakers for the ‘Packaging in the New Millennium’ sessions at Process Expo (3-6 November) this year have been announced by the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA).


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