60 second interview: Gary Berger, Kraft Foods

Kraft: Weight-conscious consumer is key to growth in meat alternatives

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Kraft: Weight-conscious consumer is key to growth in meat alternatives
Elaine Watson caught up with Gary Berger, BOCA brand manager, Kraft Foods, to talk about opportunities in meat free.

How do retailers view the meat-alternatives category?

Many retailers are changing how they think about the meat alternatives category; slowly it is becoming more mainstream than niche. So some retailers are changing where the products are located, as well as increasing the space dedicated to them.

How is the meat-free market evolving in the US?

Data suggests that increasing numbers of consumers are looking at more meat-free options, although they may not be forgoing meat entirely.

What's the key customer base for your products and how does this shape your approach to marketing and NPD?

BOCA is looking to introduce the brand to consumers who may not have traditionally sought out meat alternatives. With this in mind, BOCA is working with Weight Watchers to promote BOCA as an option for healthy weight management. With PointsPlus values of only 2-4 per serving, BOCA is a great meal starter for those on Weight Watchers. We keep this consumer and her needs in mind as we think about NPD.

Are more players coming into the meat-alternatives market?

We have noticed there are new players in the meat-alternatives category than there has been in the past. We take this as a good sign that the market for our products is growing.

Does Quorn represent a serious threat?

No. BOCA has the goodness of soy. We will continue to win in the category as we listen to consumers and meet their needs.

How does BOCA differentiate itself in the market?

BOCA is currently focused on expanding the category and reaching new consumers who may not traditionally purchase soy burgers. BOCA products are lower in fat, saturated fat, have no trans fats, and most are lower in calories than traditional meat-based counterparts, so they are great for consumers looking for better for you options. BOCA is working with Weight Watchers to reach consumers focusing on weight loss and weight management. Our goal is to introduce them to the benefits of BOCA.

Where are the growth opportunities for BOCA?

Soy-based foods are a great choice for anyone seeking to eat foods that are better for you. Consumers focused on weight loss and weight management are an opportunity for BOCA.

What new products are in the pipeline?

The BOCA brand is looking at future opportunities that would appeal to consumers who want to eat better and manage their weight.

How is the BOCA brand performing?

The BOCA brand is thriving. We’re continuing to expand and are reaching new consumers with our Weight Watchers endorsement. We continue to look at new opportunities in the meat alternatives category.

Is the fact your products are based on soy protein a concern for consumers worried about GMOs?

No. BOCA believes that foods developed through biotechnology are safe, however we realize that biotechnology is a concern with some consumers. That’s why we introduced a line of products, made with non-GMO soy, to meet those consumers’ preferences.

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The Goodness of Soy?

Posted by John,

Good grief Sydney. Who does your market surveys? You either don't have a clue about what's really happening or you [Kraft] choose to ignore it. We the eaters are moving back to real food: things we can kill and things we can pick. We cannot pick Soy and eat it. It is not a natural human food. Many underground nutrition writers consider it a poison. There is a movement underway, and the companies that tap into it will survive and hopefully thrive. I guess the name Kraft will need to be passed down to our children in stories.

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