Why are women 35% more likely to order dishes featuring coconut? GrubHub reveals top fruit trends

By Elaine WATSON

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Grub-Hub data reveals top consumer trends on fruit
Women are about 15% more likely to order dishes featuring fruit than men when eating out, and 35% more likely to order dishes featuring coconut, according to new data from digital food ordering service GrubHub.

These insights - and scores of others - emerged from an analysis of fruit-related orders from GrubHub’s database of 20,000+ restaurants in more than 500 US cities.

The research also revealed that fruit is featured in more than 7% of all ​menu items ordered, and that by order popularity, orange remains the top fruit, featuring in 29% of fruit orders, followed by lemon at 23%, mango at 22%, pineapple at 19% and strawberry at 15%.

Meanwhile, dishes containing fruit are ordered most frequently from May-July and least frequently from September-November.

When it comes to blends, strawberry is the most commonly blended fruit, and strawberry-banana ranks the highest, accounting for almost 12% of all fruit blend orders.

GrubHub then went on to look at the top fruits, and how they are being used in foods and beverages in restaurants, diners, delis and other outlets in its database. See below for a full breakdown:

What are the top menu items featuring oranges?

  • Orange Chicken accounts for more than half of orange orders.
  • Orange juice accounts for 30% of orange orders.
  • Orange beef accounts for 4% of orange orders.
  • Smoothies make up 2% of orange orders.
  • Salads featuring oranges account for 1% of orange orders.

Meanwhile,oranges feature in 8% of Mandarin dishes, 7% of Cantonese dishes, 7% of Szechwan dishes, 7% of bagel orders, and 6% of Chinese dishes.

What are the top menu items featuring lemons?

  • Lemonade accounts for 40% of lemon orders.
  • Lemon Chicken accounts for 20% of lemon orders.
  • Iced Tea with lemon accounts for 6% of lemon orders.
  • Lemon Meringue Pie accounts for 3% of lemon orders.
  • Lemon Soup accounts for 3% of lemon orders.

Meanwhile, lemons feature in 7% of Vietnamese dishes, 4% of Greek dishes, 4% of bagel dishes, 3% of smoothies, and 3% of Mediterranean dishes. 


What are the top menu items featuring mangoes?

  • Mango Lassi accounts for 24% of mango orders.
  • Mango smoothies account for 14% of mango orders.
  • Mango sticky rice accounts for 10% of mango orders.
  • Mango chicken accounts for 5% of mango orders.
  • Mango chutney accounts for 5% of mango orders.

Meanwhile, mangoes feature in 13% of Indian dishes, 7% of Halal dishes, 5% of smoothies, 3.5% of vegetarian dishes, and 3% of Vietnamese dishes.

What are the top menu items featuring pineapples?

  • Pizza accounts for 40% of pineapple orders.
  • Pineapple fried rice accounts for 22% of pineapple orders.
  • Pineapple smoothies accounts for 6% of pineapple orders.
  • Pineapple chicken accounts for 4% of pineapple orders.
  • Pineapple curry accounts for 3% of pineapple orders.

Meanwhile, pineapples feature in 4% of low-carb menu items, 3% of Thai food, 3% of low-fat menu items, 3% of classic diner cuisine and 2% of vegan orders.


What are the top menu items featuring strawberries?

  • Strawberry smoothies account for 29% of strawberry orders.
  • Strawberry milkshakes account for 18% of strawberry orders.
  • Strawberry cheesecake accounts for 13% of strawberry orders.
  • Strawberry lemonade accounts for 7% of strawberry orders.
  • Strawberry mochi ice cream accounts for 5% of strawberry orders.

Meanwhile, strawberries feature in 8% of bagel orders, 8% of smoothies, 4% of diner foods, 4% of deli orders, and 4% of breakfast orders.

Click here​ to find out more about GrubHub.

Click here​ to read more about fruit trends in retail and foodservice markets. 

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