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The business said it had not had a food safety issue in 16 years

E.coli sparks Ranch Foods Direct recall

By Oscar Rousseau

A US pasture-to-plate supplier of high-quality beef has been forced to issue a recall after the US government warned a batch of its ground beef may be contaminated with E. coli.

Bad Science author Dr Ben Goldacre at the IFT show

Is food marketing awash with bad science? If so, who is to blame?

Dr Ben Goldacre: ‘Does this food cause or prevent cancer? Honestly, there's no need for any more stories like that, they have almost no value’

By Elaine Watson

There was plenty of handwringing at the IFT show this year about the lack of scientific literacy characterizing the debate around food and farming, backed up by scores of press clippings about ‘franken-foods.’ But is the media solely to blame, and what’s...


Soylent: 'Proudly Made with GMOs'

By Elaine Watson

It’s a bold move given how highly-charged – and extremely polarized - the debate has become, but Los Angeles-based start-up Soylent has weighed into the conversation over genetically engineered food crops with a blog post entitled: 'Soylent: Proudly...

Dollar sales of Valentine candy were down 1.4% in the 52 weeks to May 28, while unit sales dropped 4.8% (Picture: istockphoto,Sarsmis)

Are Americans eating more candy?

By Elaine Watson

Are Americans eating more candy?  Well they’re certainly spending a bit more – Nielsen data shows US retail dollar sales rose a modest 2.4% in the 52 weeks to May 28, although unit sales were down 1.6%, suggesting shoppers are trading up to more premium...

It's time to put whey and casein back together, exec says

It's time to put whey and casein back together, exec says

By Hank Schultz

Cutting milk proteins apart has been all the rage in recent years. But Benoit Turpin of Milk Specialities Global said the market is now starting to come around to the idea that Mother Nature did a pretty good job with the original protein and using it...

Picture credit: Kodiak Cakes

Sunrise Strategic Partners invests in Kodiak Cakes

By Elaine Watson

Sunrise Strategic Partners - a Colorado-based accelerator of emerging brands - has made a minority investment in Utah-based Kodiak Cakes, which makes high protein breakfast items from pancake mixes to flapjacks.

Photo: iStock

A history of food, art, Instagram - and unintended consequences

By Niamh Michail

Terms like ‘foodstagramming’ ‘digital grazing’ and ‘food porn’ may have entered our lexicon recently but the phenomenon is far from new, say researchers - but could the sheer saturation of picture perfect food today be sparking unintended consequences?

Source: Pique Tea

Pique Tea reimagines tea into a more convenient format

By Elizabeth Crawford

The time consuming process and mess of brewing tea from loose leaves or bags deters many Americans from fully embracing it as a healthy alternative to sugary sodas and juices, but market newcomer Pique Tea, Inc. wants to make the healthy choice the easy...

Picture: Elaine Watson

IFT 2016 part two: Ingredients and trends to watch

By Elaine Watson

In part two of our IFT 2016 highlights gallery, we explore trends from the showfloor and the education sessions, spanning sprouted grains, stevia blends and natural antioxidants, colors and flavors, to novel sources of protein.

JBS does not expect the corruption sting to hurt its reputation

JBS not directly targeted in corruption sting

By Kakie Roubaud

Brazil’s JBS claims it has not been harmed by Brazilian police raids earlier this month as the country’s ongoing corruption investigations - dubbed ‘Operation Sepsis’ - continue.

US exports to South America have increased by a staggering 182% in the last 20 years

Latin America: US meat exporters hail red tape cuts

By Oscar Rousseau

Free trade agreements and less red tape have supported growth in South America, but consumers need educating on American protein, the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) has warned.

Photo: iStock

IFT video vox pop: What do US businesses think of TTIP?

By Niamh Michail

TTIP may not even be finalised yet but given its potential impact on issues from trade to food safety, consumer perception to the names we give our food, it has already created a lot of debate. So how is it perceived by US businesses?

Activists want to see a nation-wide tax on meat to curtail consumption across the US

PETA's ‘absurd’ sin tax on meat blasted

By Oscar Rousseau

The Animal Agriculture Alliance has slammed a stunt from PETA in which animal rights campaigners dressed up as nuns on stilts preaching for a sin tax on meat. 

Photo: iStock

Healthy snacks growth outpaces overall food and beverage market

By Adi Menayang

“Free from” claims and private-label sales are driving growth in the healthy-ingredient snacks market, and granola and breakfast bars are rising stars in the stagnant breakfast category, says a new report by Packaged Facts.

German researchers tested the long-held theory that garlic consumption by a breast-feeding mother has an effect on her milk. ©iStock/szeyuen

Garlic consumption affects breast milk, says study

By Eliot Beer

Eating garlic can lead to a garlic smell and the presence of garlic-derived compounds in breast milk, but transmission is more complex than previously thought, according to a new study.

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