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Sugar taxes prompt heated debate around the globe. Pic:getty/helendavies

Sugar taxes: The global picture

By Rachel Arthur, Elaine Watson, Niamh Michail, Gary Scattergood, Flora Southey

Sugar taxes continue to hit the headlines, so we take a spin around the globe to look at some of the markets where taxes have been introduced or are under debate.

Bowl & Basket private label range will help to ‘redefine how customers see ShopRite’

ShopRite rolls out Bowl & Basket private label: CPG companies led on branding in the past, but ‘that paradigm is shifting’

Bowl & Basket private label range will help to ‘redefine how customers see ShopRite’

By Elaine Watson

New private label ranges featuring a more “modern, upscale aesthetic” will help to “redefine how customers see ShopRite,” claims the East Coast retailer, which is consolidating multiple private label lines under its new Bowl & Basket and Paperbird...

Picture courtesy of Xoca

Xoca builds functional beverage brand around upcycled cacao fruit

By Elaine Watson

Xoca (pronounced sho’ka) is hoping to stand out in the notoriously competitive functional beverage set with a new line of sparkling, “slightly fermented” drinks made with 50% juice from cacao fruit, the nutrient-rich pulp surrounding cocoa beans that...

Pepsi Café to hit US shelves in 2020

Pepsi Café to hit US shelves in 2020

By Rachel Arthur

PepsiCo’s Pepsi Café – which ‘blends the taste of deep flavorful coffee with the refreshing crisp taste of a Pepsi cola – aims to tap into consumers’ demand for pick-me-up energy in 2020.

 © Getty Images / MysteryShot

CBD in Latin America: What can we expect?

By Natasha Spencer

As Latin American cannabis company Khiron receives approval to expand its hemp CBD brand into Colombia, we look at the markets to watch, opportunities for growth and the steps leading CBD brands are taking to appeal to consumers.

Picture courtesy of Lupii

Former PepsiCo exec bets big on lupini beans with new snack brand

By Elaine Watson

Lupin or lupini beans, which Italians enjoy pickled as a bar snack, are high in protein, high in fiber, and super low in carbohydrates, but are still a novelty this side of the Atlantic, something New York-based startup Lupii hopes to change by showcasing...

Online grocery: Is Walmart giving Amazon a run for its money?

Online grocery: Is Walmart giving Amazon a run for its money?

By Mary Ellen Shoup

More shoppers now report using Walmart, rather than Amazon, for their most recent online grocery shopping experience, according to new research from the Retail Feedback Group. However, Amazon delivered the highest customer satisfaction scores.

Hormel completes solar panel project

Hormel completes solar panel project

By Aidan Fortune

Hormel Foods and energy provider IGS Solar have completed work on the solar energy project at the Hormel Foods Swiss American Sausage Company facility in Lathrop, California.

Images courtesy of Comax Flavors

News in brief

Comax unveils 2020 flavor trends

By Elaine Watson

From plant-powered snacks to low and no alcohol beverages, New York-based Comax Flavors highlights four hot trends likely to influence food and beverage development in 2020.

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