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Specific HMOs linked to infant brain development: Study

By Stephen Daniells

Individual human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) may play critical roles in the maturation of gray matter in an infant brain, showing that inclusion of specific HMOs in infant formula could be beneficial, says a new study.

Researchers identified a link between artificial sweetener intake and CVD risk, but industry takes issue with the nature of the study. GettyImages/PatriciaEnciso

Do artificial sweeteners increase risk of cardiovascular diseases?

By Flora Southey

A ‘potential direct’ link between artificial sweetener intake and increased cardiovascular disease risk has been suggested by researchers, but industry is fighting back: “There is no causal evidence that low/no calorie sweeteners could increase the risk...

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GUEST ARTICLE: Don’t believe your year-over-year comps

By By Dr James Richardson, PGS Solutions

Early-stage food brands hold at least one thing in common with large, publicly held brands near them on the shelf. It’s not household penetration averages, that’s for sure. The tendency is to lean on Year-over-Year (YOY) comps as a public-facing performance...

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