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FOOD VISION USA 2017: ‘You can’t create authenticity from a focus group’

Can big food still innovate?

FOOD VISION USA 2017: ‘You can’t create authenticity in a focus group’

By Elaine Watson

Will big food companies increasingly buy in innovation and serve as scale up platforms for more 'authentic' small brands they didn’t create, or can they make their legacy brands resonate with new generations of consumers? Here’s what we learned...

Hispanic shoppers emerge as heavy natural, organic buyer in the US

Hispanic shoppers emerge as heavy natural, organic buyers in the US

By Elizabeth Crawford

Hispanic shoppers buy significantly more natural, organic and better-for-you items than the overall US population, which suggests manufacturers in the space could generate even higher sales by targeting the demographic, according to new research from...

Where next for natural sweeteners? In conversation with Layn USA

By Elaine Watson

Monk fruit is still more expensive than stevia, but significant progress is being made on tackling the pricing and regulatory issues that have historically held the market back, says Layn Corp, a leading supplier of monk fruit and stevia based natural...

60-second interview: Stephen Cobbe, R&D director, dairy, Kerry

60-second interview: Stephen Cobbe, R&D director, dairy, Kerry

Formulating with dairy: More protein, less sugar, a cleaner label

By Elaine Watson

Less sugar, more protein, a cleaner label, savory flavors, and new formats from farmer’s cheese bars to ambient moon cheese… What’s keeping dairy formulators busy these days? FoodNavigator-USA caught up with Stephen Cobbe, R&D director, dairy, at...

Annie's unveils ‘Your House. Your Snacks’ social media campaign

Annie's unveils ‘Your House. Your Snacks’ social media campaign

Annie’s enjoys explosive growth in household penetration, unveils new snacks campaign

By Elaine Watson

While General Mills’ group sales have been pretty lackluster of late, its natural and organic brand Annie’s – which notched up double-digit growth in measured channels in the latest quarter – continues to attract new consumers, with household penetration...


SPECIAL REPORT: Navigating the vanilla flavors market

By Elaine Watson

With vanilla bean prices skyrocketing in recent months, interest in alternatives with natural and clean label credentials is intensifying in mature markets in Western Europe and North America, although demand for artificial vanillin is still growing in...

The first products – Sea Salt, BBQ, and High Thai’d Kelp Jerky – will retail at $3.99 for a 1.5oz bag,

Beyond the Shoreline prepares for January 2018 launch of kelp jerky

By Elaine Watson

Bored of beef jerky? New York City-based start-up Beyond the Shoreline has an intriguing alternative: a plant-based mix of sugar kelp, mushroom stems, nutritional yeast, brown rice flour, sea salt and pea protein, which is due to hit the market in January...

Picture: istockphoto-RuthBlack

Five myths about natural food colors

By Elaine Watson

Natural food colors: expensive, unstable, muted, and weird-tasting, right? Wrong, says Sensient Food Colors, which caught up with FoodNavigator-USA to address some common concerns about natural colors and highlight growth opportunities, from caramel color...

Amara Organic Foods: We’re creating a new category in baby food

Amara Organic Foods: We’re pioneering a new category in baby food

By Elaine Watson

Innovation in the baby food aisle has come in waves. First came jars, then shelf stable pouches, and most recently a new generation of HPP (high pressure processed) refrigerated brands carving out a premium niche in the category. But could freeze-drying...

Picture: istockphoto/Traitov

GUEST ARTICLE: The surprising ingredients linked to foods people love

By Eric Taylor, senior data scientist, CircleUp

When it comes to food and nutrition, there are some ideas that we’ve accepted as common sense: Water is good. MSG is probably bad. Sodium in general isn’t great, but sea salt is a plus. Garlic is tasty. And what the heck is lecithin?

TerraVia auction set for September 11

TerraVia auction set for September 11

By Elaine Watson

Assuming that there are suitors willing to top Corbion’s $20m stalking horse bid for the algae-fueled company, an auction for some or all of TerraVia's assets will take place on September 11 in New York at the offices of Davis Polk & Wardwell...

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