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Bone Broths Co: The bone broth market is wide open

Bone Broths Co: The bone broth market is wide open

By Elaine Watson

Bone broth is not new, exactly, but most consumers are still not sure what it is, acknowledges the founder of San Francisco-based Bone Broths Co, although that could change in 2016 as high-profile brands such as EPIC enter the market and more celebrities...

Bone broth poised for significant growth in 2016, says BRU Broth

BRU Broth CEO: Bone broth is poised for significant growth in 2016

By Elaine Watson

Bone broth – a warming, nourishing beverage made from meaty bones and veggies left to simmer for hours and then strained - is poised for significant growth in 2016, predicts one new market entrant, which is bringing a novel twist to the category by adding...

FOOD VISION USA: The highlights!

FOOD VISION USA: The highlights!

By Elaine Watson

If you didn't make it to Chicago in October for FoodNavigator-USA's inaugural Food Vision USA event, you missed a truly awesome ensemble of industry experts covering everything from our nutritional needs on a manned mission to Mars to the challenges...

Source: Go Gourmet

Food for kids!

Go Gourmet helps pouches grow-up from baby food to snacks for school-children

By Elizabeth Crawford

Go Gourmet wants to “up the ante” in the applesauce and fruit cup aisle with its “superfood snack” Slammers – premium fruit and veggie purees for school-aged children in pouches that pose a triple threat with taste, nutrition and personality, says CEO...

Source: Keurig Green Mountain

Investor group acquires Keurig Green Mountain for $13.9 billion

By Elizabeth Crawford

After struggling with slumping stock prices, increased competition and consumer complaints, Keurig Green Mountain stockholders received some good news for a change Dec. 7 when an investor group led by JAB Holdings acquired the single-serve coffee pod...

Tiny But Mighty: It's small, but it punches above its weight...

'When people first try our popcorn, one of the things they notice right away is the flavor.'

Tiny but Mighty taps into consumer demand for heirloom varieties: 'It tastes completely different to regular popcorn.'

By Elaine Watson

Size matters, and when it comes to popcorn, the smaller it is, the better, says one Iowa-based farm, which has carved a niche in the market with its unique ‘Tiny But Mighty’ heirloom corn, which is tiny, but intensely flavorful (hence ‘mighty’), and comes...

’Chups wants take on Heinz by elevating ketchup beyond tomato

Union Kitchen: Inside a food and beverage incubator

’Chups wants to take on Heinz by elevating ketchup beyond tomato

By Elizabeth Crawford

Heinz Tomato Ketchup has been an iconic staple in American diners and homes for more than 130 years, but Washington, DC-area startup ’Chups believes the condiment is long overdue for an update and that it is just the company to do it. 

Hatchery online foodie marketplace meets consumer need, says CEO

'We’re selling products you won’t find in big box retail stores or on Amazon'

Hatchery: Consumers are increasingly looking for quality products made by small companies and passionate people, not large corporations

By Elaine Watson

Consumers are increasingly enthusiastic about discovering ‘small-batch’ foods from artisanal producers, while growing numbers of small producers are looking for other avenues beyond traditional retailers to get their wares to market. Hatchery – an online...

(L-R) Quest Nutrition founders Tom Bilyeu, Mike Osborn and Ron Penna

Quest Nutrition president: 'Our goal is to end metabolic disease'

By Elaine Watson

Quest Nutrition has a somewhat ambitious mission statement (“Our goal is to end metabolic disease,” says president Tom Bilyeu). But while it may be some time before the El Segundo-based firm can tick this particular goal off its checklist, its progress...

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