This World Water Day, CCEP's water lead Francesca O’Hanlon reflects on the company's progress and why action on water is a business imperative for all. Credit: CCEP + Getty/Jonathan Knowles

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Liquid assets: The need for business action on water

By Francesca O’Hanlon

The diamond-water paradox was a puzzle to the man that coined the term, economist Adam Smith. Although water is, unarguably, more valuable to humans, why do diamonds command a higher price?

Expanding the non-alcoholic beverage category at Fancy Food Show

Expanding the non-alcoholic category at Fancy Food Show

By Deniz Ataman

Non-alcoholic beverages continue to grow with brands differentiating themselves through active ingredients, botanical flavors, glass and aluminum packaging and bold designs, as showcased at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City 25-27 where attendees...

More than 300bn lids are produced globally each year. Pic: UniCup Scandinavia

Swedish company develops bio-based beverage cup lid

By Jim Cornall

In response to potential EU legislation, Swedish company UniCup Scandinavia AB has created a new bio-based lid made of spruce and pine. The Liplid is placed inside, rather than on, the cup, and the company said this improves the stability and drinking...

WEBINAR Nov. 4: FOOD FOR KIDS Beverage Trends

WEBINAR Nov. 4: FOOD FOR KIDS Beverage Trends

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Kids are drinking less milk and juice as they get older, but what are they drinking instead, and is it good for them? How do parents evaluate what types of drinks are good for kids? What are parents looking for on food labels?

Symrise makes investment in US-based beverage innovation firm


Symrise and CBD firm embark on next wave of beverage innovation

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Symrise and The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) are expanding their beverage innovation capabilities with an investment in Califormulations, a US beverage innovation company that works with a number of beverage companies and brands in the US market.

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: What does it take to win as a new beverage brand?

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: What does it take to win as a new beverage brand?

By Elizabeth Crawford

The beverage industry is booming with Grand View Research predicting that sales will grow at a 5.8% compound annual rate from $967.3 billion in 2016 through 2025 thanks to rising disposable incomes, a growing population and changing lifestyles centered...

Discovering the market for ‘mid-calorie’ stevia-sugar blends

Discovering the market for ‘mid-calorie’ stevia-sugar blends

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Stevia suppliers have been partnering with sugar companies with the aim of blending the two sweeteners for more sucrose-like taste and lower calories – but the success of hybrid sweeteners relies on consumer acceptance.


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