American giants Tyson Foods and Conagra Brands both had to recall meat products

Meat firms hit by huge food safety recall

By Aidan Fortune

Nine US meat businesses have been forced to recall a total of over 3.5 million lbs of produce due to the presence of undeclared allergens.

Uncle John’s Pride producers a range of beef, pork and chicken smoked sausages

Magnet found in sausage mix sparks recall

By Oscar Rousseau

Florida-based Uncle John’s Pride has issued a recall for over 63 tonnes (t) of ready-to-eat smoked meat and chicken sausages after a magnet was found in a product mix. 

Carolina Pride serves the US with sausages, bacon, hot dogs and ham

Investment business secures Carolina meat producer

By Rod Addy

Investment advisor Gordon Brothers has secured a majority equity share in Carolina Pride, throwing its substantial financial muscle behind the family-owned South Carolina packaged meat producer in a strategic partnership.

Picture: Istock

Trichinosis outbreak linked to raw sausage

By Joseph James Whitworth

The Ministry of Health in Buenos Aires has warned against eating raw sausages and those of homemade origin after an outbreak of trichinosis.

Chris Bailey, chief executive: we will continue to 'raise the bar' in clean meat production

Healthy meat brand ends antibiotics use

By Oscar Rousseau

US healthy meat producer Vermont Smoke & Cure has completed the elimination of antibiotics from its protein supply chain, the company has announced.

Tyson Foods poultry president Noel White said his division had 'fundamentally changed' how it operates

Tyson Foods buoyed by rising demand

By Oscar Rousseau

Tyson Foods executives have told investors the food giant has enjoyed surging demand for its branded meat products.

The success of hot dogs will be measured by analytics company Quri

Hot dog merchandising effectiveness measured

By Oscar Rousseau

Analytics company Quri has launched a project to measure the success of performance driven merchandising for 14 food items, including hot dogs, across 1,000 Walmart and Target stores in the US. 

A study has found that almost 15% of hot dogs contain products other than those listed on the ingredients

Human DNA found in hot dogs

By Chloe Ryan

Nearly 15% of American hot dogs and sausages are contaminated with products other than those listed on the ingredients, including other types of meat and human DNA, analysis of the most popular brands has discovered. 

The USDA issued the recall on 2 September

USDA recalls contaminated sausage meat

By Chloe Ryan

A batch of pork sausage meat that may be contaminated with metal fragments has been recalled by the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA’s) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

ViskoTeepak unveils sausage cellulose casing

Bangers and cellulose casing

By Joseph James Whitworth

ViskoTeepak has launched two products using cellulose casing to optimize food safety without compromising on speeds and process yields for sausage producers.

Smithfield: sales up, profit down

Smithfield: sales up, profit down

By Ed Bedington

US meat giant Smithfield Foods has reveled steady sales, but a fall in profit for the first quarter of its 2013 financial year.


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