Picture credit: 365 by Whole Foods Market

'America is becoming a nation of par-cookers, snackers and meal assemblers'

Hartman Group to supermarkets: Embrace fresh or die (slowly)

By Elaine Watson

As supermarkets continue to lose market share to high- and low-end rivals, they must fully embrace consumer demand for fresh, stock more premium products and behave more like specialty retailers if they are to survive in today’s climate, according to...

Quri has outlined a few tips for food manufacturers to boost sales by at least 5%

Hotdogs perform worst in merchandising test

By Oscar Rousseau

Hotdogs and sausages were hardest to spot out of 45 products on the shelves of supermarkets Walmart and Target, according to analytics firm Quri

All 102 Express stores will close. Picture credit: Walmart

Why did Walmart’s Express small-store experiment end in failure?

By Elaine Watson

Five years ago, Walmart unveiled “a pretty aggressive plan” to open more Express small stores, which gave it “access to places we aren’t in”. On Friday, it admitted the plan had failed, and said it would shutter all 102 Express stores. So what went wrong?


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