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11 meal kit delivery companies carving out space in booming category

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11 meal kit delivery companies carving out space in booming category

By Elizabeth Crawford

Sales of meal kits delivered to consumers' doors surged to more than $1 billion last year, and with only 8% household penetration the category promises significant growth potential, according to Technomic Inc. But with 170 players already operating...

Interroll's latest drives are easy to control and clean, supporting high hygiene standards

IPPE 2016

Interroll on a roll with hygienic belt drive

By Rod Addy

Interroll was promoting its latest range of hygienic belt drives at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) 2016 at the Georgia World Congress Centre in Atlanta from January 26-28.

The Edge system controls a range of environmental conditions in poultry houses

IPPE 2016

Cumberland Poultry gives producers the Edge

By Rod Addy

Cumberland Poultry has launched an advanced Edge control system designed to manage all operations of poultry production facilities at the International Production Processing and Packaging Expo (IPPE) 2016.

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60-second interview, Dr Liz Sloan and Dr Catherine Adams Hutt, Sloan Trends

What does health and wellness mean to US consumers?

By Elaine Watson

What do US consumers think health and wellness means, and how is the food industry responding? Is low-carb still a thing, does the paleo diet have legs, and is non-GMO being used as a proxy for ‘healthy’?

JBS chairman Joesley Batista charged with “crimes against the financial system”

JBS chairman accused of financial crimes

By Oscar Rousseau

Shares in the Brazilian meat company JBS have hit a 15-month low, coinciding with reports that senior figures, including the chairman Joesley Batista, have been accused of financial crimes regarding loan payments made to related companies in 2011.

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Marketing Health: Will the healthier option still be the pricier one?

By Adi Menayang

Forget dieting or “cheat days.” Some food industry observers believe the general populace is more concerned for their holistic health, and the CPG industry is taking the hint. By 2020, opening a bag of chips guilt-free doesn’t have to mean splurging more...

JBS says US lamb offered 'limited' growth opportunities

Mountain States Lamb buys JBS plant

By Oscar Rousseau

The Mountain States Lamb Cooperative (MSLC) has revealed it paid $8.5m for a meat processing plant, previously owned by the Brazilian company JBS. 

Eagle's x-ray system can run fat analysis on meat products

Eagle brings out pipeline X-ray machine

By Oscar Rousseau

Eagle Product Inspection has created a pipeline X-ray system that it claims can help firms optimise production rates, while complying with safety standards. 

WHO report backs a tax on sugary drinks to halt child obesity

WHO report backs a tax on sugary drinks to halt child obesity

By Niamh Michail

A report commissioned by the World Health Organisation (WHO) backs a tax on sugary drinks, mandatory nutrient labelling and restrictions on marketing to children in a bid to tackle the child obesity epidemic around the world.

The beef ravioli recall is California's third meat recall in a month

Beef ravioli recalled over pork contamination

By Oscar Rousseau

US-based Home Maid Ravioli Company has been forced to recall 34,000 pounds (lb) of beef ravioli products after it emerged the pasta contained pork, but did not specify this on its label. 

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Health & Wellness 2020

C-stores offer growth opportunity for better-for-you brands

By Elizabeth Crawford

Convenience stores, often considered a destination for indulgent, unhealthy snacks, could offer a new growth opportunity for better-for-you brands as the channel’s core audience begins shifting slightly towards more health-conscious shoppers, according...

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