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BioProcess Algae's USP is a high surface area, biofilm-based approach to enhance light penetration, productivity, harvest density and gas transfer – all traditional bottlenecks to low-cost algae cultivation - claims CEO Tim Burns.

Special edition: Omega-3

Finding the sweet spot in the algal omega-3 market

By Elaine WATSON

Most experts say we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to exploring the commercial potential of microalgae. But who is best-placed to translate this promise into hard cash in the food and dietary supplement market?

The 17 oz FitPro Plus with 40g protein targets hardcore users, while the 11oz Daily variant with 26g protein targets regular gym goers or anyone looking for more protein. Because it is packaged in an aseptic environment, FitPro is shelf-stable for 16 months.

Big Interview: Brad Kloss, founder and CEO, FitPro

FitPro: Is there room for a new player in the RTD protein shake market?

By Elaine WATSON

Launching a new product into the ultra-competitive ready-to-drink (RTD) protein shake market is not for the faint-hearted. But being a minnow in a pool of sharks doesn’t faze the founder of FitPro, who reckons he can give Muscle Milk a run for its money.

Selling protein to boomers (without mentioning muscle wastage)

Special edition: Protein-rich foods, the next generation

Selling protein to boomers (without talking about muscle wastage…)

By Elaine WATSON

As any self-respecting baby boomer will tell you, getting old is something that happens to other people, and being told you’re not as sprightly as you once were is not the best way to get you to part with your hard-earned cash.

Are we on the cusp of a protein renaissance?

Special edition: Protein-rich foods, the next generation

From Chobani to Special K: Are we on the cusp of a protein renaissance?

By Elaine WATSON

Protein, so trend watchers - and opportunistic protein suppliers - keep telling us, is red hot right now, for all ages and both sexes, covering weight management, healthy aging, sports nutrition, and general health & wellness. But is this just hot...

NBTY acquires Balance Bar Company

NBTY acquires Balance Bar Company

By Hank Schultz

NBTY Inc. has announced the acquisition of Balance Bar Company from Brynwood Partners, its private equity owner. Details of the deal were not announced.

To make Tagatose, Nutrilab NV hydrolyzes lactose from whey permeate into glucose and galactose. This is then followed by an isomerization process of galactose using an L-arabinose isomerase

Scientists report 'guidelines' for tagatose use in food and beverages

By Stephen Daniells

Using tagatose to sweeten food and drink products has taken a step forward as Korean scientists report the ‘first quantitative data on the relationship between the sweetness of tagatose and sucrose over a range of sweetness levels commonly encountered...

Dr Gail Kauwell specializes in research exploring the association between nutrient-gene interactions and health maintenance/chronic disease risk.

Dispatches from the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) 2012

DNA diets: 'They're just not ready for prime time', warn experts

By Elaine WATSON in Philadelphia

Commercial interest in the role genes play in our risk of developing chronic diseases - and whether we can modify that risk through diet - has never been higher. But firms offering personalised nutritional advice on the back of mail-order DNA tests are...

Could quinoa have stomach health benefits?

Could quinoa have stomach health benefits?

By Stephen Daniells

The potential benefits of quinoa may extend to gut health, suggests the first study to report that polysaccharide fractions from the seeds may have anti-ulcer activity.

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