White packaging rebrand sees Toffifay enter untapped affordable luxury segment in the US. Photo: Storck

Storck makes big US push with Toffifay

By Oliver Nieburg

August Storck has repositioned its Toffifay brand in the US to appeal to female shoppers and hopes to compete in the affordable premium space.

 'Food brands actively seek to recruit Facebook users to spread their marketing – seeking likes, tags, comments and photos,' write the authors. Photo: iStock

Facebook could be making kids fat: report

By David Burrows

Food and drink brands are restricting their use of websites to promote unhealthy products to children, instead using social media giant Facebook, an Irish report has found.

10 things food marketers should know about Millennials

10 things food marketers should know about Millennials

By Elaine Watson

Millennials - people born between 1980 and 2000 - are as diverse and hard to pin down as any group of consumers. But they do have certain things in common when it comes to food shopping, according to market researchers...

Grupo Turin could give Mars a foothold in the international premium chocolate space, but it may need to act faster than usual, says Euromonitor's Jack Skelly

Industry Voices - Euromonitor analyst Jack Skelly

The race to the top: Is chocolate's premiumization wearing thin?

By Jack Skelly, Euromonitor analyst

Mars’ Grupo Turin buy gives it a premium chocolate brand to expand internationally, but consumers are increasingly building loyalty to its competitors as the segment grows saturated, writes Euromontior analyst Jack Skelly.

Euromonitor International supplied DairyReporter with the top 10 ice cream brands in each region throughout the world. It's a mix of household names and regionally specialized brands that make up the top 10 sellers in 2015. Photo: iStock-korinoxe

Region by Region: What are the top 10 selling ice creams in the world?

By Jim Cornall

Magnum, Cornetto, Häagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s… the ice-cream and frozen dessert market is full of well-known brands, but who takes the top spots in worldwide sales? Using data from Euromonitor International, we take a look at the top 10 brands from...

Source: iStock

Earth-friendly strategies help capture consumers’ attention

By Elizabeth Crawford

Environmentally friendly practices can do more than help the Earth – they can also help product sales and increase brand value as more consumers care about sustainable practices and how their food is made and transported.

Picture: istockphoto,anyaberkut

GUEST ARTICLE: 10 ways big CPG companies are shooting themselves in the foot

By Dr Kurt Jetta, founder & CEO, TABS Analytics

Why are the top 100 CPG brands underperforming in most of the categories in which they operate? Lots of reasons, many beyond their control, says Dr Kurt Jetta, founder of TABS Analytics. But some the wounds are self-inflicted, he argues: “We are holding...

Albertsons unveils new Signature private label portfolio

Albertsons unveils new Signature private label portfolio

By Elaine Watson

Albertsons has introduced Signature, a new private label portfolio that will include several sub-brands spanning multiple categories and more than 4,000 products, from fresh produce to paper towels.

Source: Hain Celestial

Hain Celestial outlines strategy to almost double in size

By Elizabeth Crawford

Hain Celestial hopes to stay “one step ahead” of the conventional CPG manufacturers now flocking to the increasingly popular natural and organic space, which the New York-based firm has dominated for years, by better customizing marketing, pricing and...

Source: iStock

Crowdfunding platform & incubator team to give startups early leg-up

By Elizabeth Crawford

An unconventional partnership between the crowdfunding website Barnraiser and KRAVE Jerky founder Jon Sebastiani’s new incubator and venture fund Sonoma Brands will create a new paradigm for fundraising and marketing that promises earlier, more sustained...

Union Kitchen Grocery revamps corner store, drives local product sales

Union Kitchen: Inside a food and beverage incubator

Union Kitchen Grocery revamps corner store, drives local product sales

By Elizabeth Crawford

Washington, DC-based incubator Union Kitchen expanded its toolbox for driving sales of member companies’ products with the May 2015 opening of Union Kitchen Grocery – an upscale corner store aimed at redefining what local means and how healthy a corner...


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