Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Is the low-FODMAP diet the next big trend?

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Is the low-FODMAP diet the next big trend?

By Elizabeth Crawford

More than 45 million Americans suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome – the same number who use online dating apps and have student loans – only unlike people looking for love or struggling with debt, those suffering from gastrointestinal discomfort predominately...

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Kerry report: How are consumers’ perceptions of clean label evolving?

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Many consumers subscribe to a basic understanding of ‘clean label’ – for most, it loosely means products with fewer, recognizable ingredients free from preservatives and artificial additives – however, new research from Kerry shows that this definition...

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Don't forget the terpenes, hemp expert says

By Hank Schultz

A rush to market for CBD has left the terpenes in hemp out in the cold. An expert in the space said there is much potential benefit yet to be discovered in these fractions of the plant.

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BASF joins the HMO club with 2’-FL launch

By Stephen Daniells

Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) are the “hot new thing” said an expert recently, as BASF announced the US launch of its 2’-FL (2’-fucosyllactose) ingredient, which is branded Prebilac.

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