Omeat launches potent and cost-effective FBS alternative

Omeat launches potent and cost-effective FBS alternative

By Deniz Ataman

After launching out of stealth mode in June, Omeat continues to improve price points for cultivated meat with the recent development of its fetal bovine serum (FBS) replacement, Plenty, Ali Khademhosseini, Ph.D., founder and CEO, Omeat, explained to...

Image Source: Yuki Kondo/Getty Images

NOVA classification matches consumer instincts, study finds

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

The NOVA classification system is used to ascertain whether foods are minimally processed, processed or ‘ultra-processed’. A new study has found that people’s perceptions of foods and their processing levels usually align with their NOVA classification.

Getty | OlegPhotoR

Cycle-syncing nutrition: How females can harness their hormones

By Nikki Hancocks

The female hormonal cycle impacts almost every element of a woman’s health and has a significant impact on nutrition needs, yet current healthcare systems are quick to medicate and dampen these cycles as soon as unfavourable symptoms arise. One expert...

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