Kurt Seagrist & Byron Madkins, Chr. Hansen, talk natural colors

60-second interview: Kurt Seagrist and Byron Madkins, Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen: The gap between synthetic and natural colors is closing all the time

Not so long ago the gap between the performance - and price - of natural vs synthetic colors was huge, but more efficient supply chains, advances in extraction technology and more sophisticated microencapsulation techniques have closed the gap considerably...

Sales growth at Chobani, which only started producing Greek yogurt in 2007, has been nothing short of meteoric in recent years. The firm, which is America’s top selling yogurt brand, now commands more than 20% of the overall US yogurt market (dollar share).

The rise and rise of Greek yogurt. But is the growth sustainable?

By Elaine WATSON

From a standing start in 2007 - when it accounted for just 1% of refrigerated yogurt sales in the US food, drug and mass channels excluding Walmart (FDMx) - Greek yogurt now commands a whopping 35% share of the market, according to a new report from Packaged...

It’s all Greek to me! How fair was the ruling against Chobani?


It’s all Greek to me… How fair was the High Court ruling against Chobani?


New York-based Chobani was handed an injunction last month prohibiting its use of the term ‘Greek yogurt’ in the UK following a court battle with rival, Fage, which claims that the term refers to geographical origin. But can Athens-based Fage stand by...

US dairy industry lobbying 2012: Who spent what and why?

US dairy industry lobbying 2012: Who spent what and why?


Every year US dairy manufacturers and organisations pump millions of dollars into political campaigns in an attempt to influence proposed legislation. In 2012, the industry spent more than $7m. DairyReporter.com spoke to 2012's top five US dairy...

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