What’s on FoodNavigator-USA’s editorial calendar in 2016-17?

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What’s on FoodNavigator-USA’s editorial calendar in 2016-17?
From the GMO labeling debate and plant-based beverage trends to the infinite potential of algae, FoodNavigator-USA’s 2016/17 editorial calendar of special editions, online forums/events and face-to-face events have the key issues in the North American food & beverage market covered.

SPECIAL EDITIONS: ​Example: Food for Kids!

  • February 25 - ​Weight management
  • March 23 - ​Expo West show post event roundup
  • March 3 - ​Food preservation 2020
  • April 27  - ​Where next for organics?
  • May 31 - ​Marketing to Millennials
  • June 29 - ​Pulses, seeds and grains  
  • July 13 - ​IFT show preview
  • July 27 - ​Confectionery trend-watching    
  • August 2 - ​IFT show post event roundup
  • August 31 - ​The infinite potential of algae
  • September 28 - ​Alternative proteins, from cricket flour to peas, rice and algae
  • October 31 - ​Food allergy &  intolerance: From gluten-free to dairy-alternatives
  • November 29 - ​Food labeling & litigation trends
  • December 21 - ​Snacking trends
  • January 31 2017: ​Innovation in action: What will the hottest food trends be in 2017?
  • February 28​: Beverage trend watching
  • March 22: ​Expo West show post event roundup
  • March 29: ​Sweeteners/sugar reduction


  • February 18: Beverage Innovation Summit​ (online event; Register HERE​!) 
  • March 16: ​Weight management 2020 (online forum)
  • May 18: ​ Plant-based innovation (online forum)
  • July 26:​ Pulse innovation (online forum)
  • November 9: ​Food allergy & intolerance: From gluten-free to dairy-free (online forum)
  • February 15 2017: ​ Snacking Innovation Summit (online event)
  • March 22: ​Beverage entrepreneurs to watch (online forum)

FACE TO FACE EVENT: Food Vision USA 2016

Lunch at Food Vision

Venue​: The Drake Hotel, Chicago

The date​: November 9-11, 2016  

Food Vision USA is a three day event with a format designed to facilitate knowledge transfer; develop commercial opportunities, and grow business relationships for leaders in the international nutrition and food & drink industries. Read baout the 2015 event HERE​.

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EDITORIAL​: Elaine Watson, editor (Santa Barbara CA)

rynvar.jngfba@jeoz.pbz Cell: +1 805 315 2690

liz smith

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Want to get a sense of what Food Vision USA is all about? Watch this!


February 25: Weight management

With one in three Americans obese, weight management is still a huge market opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers. However, messaging is moving away from diet-based concepts to more positive messages about food quality, satiety, and overall health & wellness. In this FoodNavigator-USA special edition we'll look at the latest product launches on a weight management platform plus the latest consumer research and market data, and explore which approaches companies can adopt from portion control to fat, sugar and calorie reduction; fiber and protein satiety-boosting formulations and new functional ingredients.

March 23: Expo West show post event roundup

The FoodNavigator-USA team was out in force at the 2016 Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim, CA. Here's our round up of highlights from the biggest natural products show in the world.

March 31: Food preservation 2020

Consumers and retailers are becoming increasingly unwilling to accept products with a shelf life maintained by use of the synthetic preservatives - even if they are safe and legal. But what natural solutions are available to manufacturers, and are they up to the job? Meanwhile, will novel processing techniques ultimately render all preservatives, artificial or otherwise, redundant in certain products?

April 27: Where next for organics?

In 1997, organic food sales totaled around $3.4bn, and accounted for under 1% of total food sales. In 2014, organic food claimed almost 5% of the total food sales in the US. But can this meteoric growth continue?

May 31: Marketing to Millennials

They’re addicted to their smartphones, big fans of social networking sites, and more likely than their parents to buy store brands. But what else do we know about Millennials - the 100 million Americans born between 1980 and 2000? And how can food retailers, food manufacturers and food marketers cash in?

June 29: Pulses, seeds and grains

While traditional packaged bread sales have suffered as consumers' eating habits have changed, there are new opportunities in gluten-free, ethnic breads and gourmet bakery items, while snack makers are tapping into consumer demand for ancient grains and seeds, plant-based proteins, and bean, pea and lentil-based ingredients. We look at the latest consumer trends and explore new growth opportunities for manufacturers as data suggests that Americans are increasingly abandoning three square meals a day for serial snacking.

July 13: IFT show preview

Want to stay up to speed with what's happening at the cutting edge of food science, technology and product development? This FoodNavigator-USA preview of what to look out for at the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo will help you make the most of your trip.

July 27: Confectionery trend-watching

What’s hot and what’s not in the world of confectionery? We talk to some of the most innovative players in the category to find out what’s hot, what’s not and what’s next in sugar and chocolate confectionery.

August 2: IFT show post event roundup

The FoodNavigator-USA team was out in force at the IFT show in Chicago. Here's our round up of highlights from the biggest food science show in the world.

August 31: The infinite potential of algae

This FoodNavigator-USA special edition explores the leading players in this space, new entrants to the market and new applications for algae based ingredients, from proteins and fat replacers to high-end nutraceutical ingredients from long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, to novel cholesterol-busting ingredients and anti-inflammatories, astaxanthin.

September 28: Alternative proteins, from cricket flour to peas, rice and algae

According to Lux Research​, ‘alternative proteins’ such as soy, algae, pea, rice and canola, will account for up to a third of the protein market by 2054. But which ones have the most potential, and will new market entrants from the water lentil to cricket flour gain any real traction in the marketplace?

October 31 2016: Food allergy and intolerance (from gluten-free to dairy-alternatives)

One out of 13 children in North America has food allergies today compared with one in 50 in 1990, and in the next couple of years, it’s going to be about one in 10, according to allergen-friendly foods brand Enjoy Life Foods. So what does this mean for food formulators and which brands are resonating with consumers?

November 29 2016: Food labeling and litigation trends

There have been hundreds of class action lawsuits directed against food and beverage companies in the past five years. How big of an issue is this for the industry, has the trend peaked? Have any cases gone to trial? Why not? Who has been targeted, and most importantly, what strategies appear to be working, both for plaintiffs and defendants in these cases?  We talk to attorneys who are filing and defending these cases to find out …

December 21: Snacking trends

What’s hot in snacks? Insects? Posh jerky? Pea protein? Chickpeas? Brogurt? What’s the difference between a meal and a snack, or are the lines becoming increasingly blurred? What’s a suitable portion-size? And will healthy vending become the norm? This FoodNavigator-USA special explores the hottest new trends in the market.

January 31 2017: Trendspotting 2017

New product development trends Semi-sweet soda? Edible packaging? Cactus water? Savory yogurt? What were the most innovative new product launches of 2016, and what might 2017 have in store? We talk to trend watchers and product development experts to explore the most promising consumer trends and how successful firms are tapping into them.

February 28: Beverage trendwatching

Few sections of the store are as dynamic as the beverage aisles, with new launches covering every area of the market from drinkable grains, plant-waters and novel energy drinks to scores of new ready-to-drink tea and coffee launches. Meanwhile, the pressure to 'clean up' labels continues unabated. But how can we distinguish passing fads from sustainable trends? And who are the entrepreneurial companies driving innovation in this category? In this FoodNavigator-USA special edition we look at what's hot, what's not, and what's next for healthy beverages.

March 22: Expo West show post event roundup

The FoodNavigator-USA team was out in force at the 2016 Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim, CA. Here's our round up of highlights from the biggest natural products show in the world.

March 29: Sweeteners/sugar reduction

Food and beverage manufacturers have a far wider range of sweetening options than ever before, from coconut sugar to allulose, oat-based sweeteners, monk fruit and new stevia blends. This FoodNavigator-USA special edition looks at the latest market developments, the changing political landscape, formulation challenges and consumer research. It will also address some labeling and regulatory issues affecting the market, from the row over 'evaporated cane juice' labeling to FDA proposals to list added sugar on the Nutrition Facts label.


February 18:  Beverage Innovation Summit​ (ONLINE EVENT)


In our unique free-to-attend online Beverage Innovation Summit​, FoodNavigator-USA and BeverageDaily have brought together market researchers, retailers, and the founders of some of the most successful beverage brands in the business to talk about what categories are growing, what consumer trends they are tapping into, what distinguishes the winners from the losers, how to build distribution, and how to finance and grow a beverage business.

March 16: Weight management 2020 (ONLINE FORUM)

weight management istockphoto-BVDC

Obesity is associated with rising rates of heart disease, diabetes, and a swath of other chronic diseases. But shoppers are increasingly turned off by marketing focused on 'dieting', and regulatory efforts to tackle sugar, portion sizes and marketing to kids have not made much headway. So how can the food industry tackle the problem and protect its bottom line? We've gathered together market researchers, food manufacturers and consumer advocacy experts to find out.

May 18: Plant-based innovation (ONLINE FORUM)

Hemp protein powders from Manitoba Harvest2

Plant-based foods – from egg-free mayo and meat-free burgers to almond and hemp milk – are hot right now, but where are the growth opportunities in the next 3-5 years, which trends have legs, and which companies are best-placed to cash in?

July 26: Pulse innovation forum: Where next for beans, chickpeas, peas and lentils?  (ONLINE FORUM)


Beans, chickpeas, peas and lentils are now appearing as added value ingredients in every part of the store, from chips and snacks to salads, soups, pastas, dips and baked goods. Non-GMO, gluten-free, high in protein, fiber and micronutrients, and low in fat, beans in particular are undergoing a PR renaissance among consumers, who have been eating them for years in tacos and burritos, but now see them as a more wholesome alternative to soy, rice, corn and potatoes in their snacks. So where will they go next, and who is driving innovation, both from a formulation, and branding perspective?

To find out, we’ve gathered together a panel of pulse enthusiasts to talk about sourcing, formulation, marketing, and innovation.

November 9: Food allergy and intolerance: From gluten-free to dairy alternatives (ONLINE FORUM)

enjoy life foods brownie mix

A growing number of Americans are reporting food allergies and intolerances, but how should the food industry respond? We bring together experts in allergen-friendly foods to discuss the science, the market and the future for gluten-free, nut-free, dairy free and other ‘free-from’ foods.

February 15, 2017:  Snacking Innovation Summit (ONLINE EVENT)

Gimme seaweed snacks

In our unique free-to-attend online Snacking Innovation Summit, FoodNavigator-USA and BakeryandSnacks have brought together market researchers, retailers, and the founders of some of the most successful snacking brands in the business to talk about what categories are growing, what consumer trends they are tapping into, what distinguishes the winners from the losers, how to build distribution, and how to finance and grow a snack food business.

March 22: Beverage entrepreneurs to watch (ONLINE FORUM)


We’ve lined up some of the most innovative - and tenacious - players in the beverages category to talk about emerging trends, formulation challenges, distribution nightmares and what consumer trends the most successful beverage brands are tapping into. 

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