Attorney: 'There would seem to be a good case for liability... I’m fairly confident that a jury seeing video of the abuse would conclude that the treatment was not humane...' (Picture: fairlife)

Fairlife fallout… attorneys weigh in as the lawsuits pile up

By Elaine Watson

Four class action lawsuits have already been filed against high-protein milk brand fairlife, its founders, and JV partner Coca-Cola over alleged animal abuse at its flagship dairy farm in Indiana, but this could be just the beginning of the company’s...

Thrive Market: 'We will be working behind the scenes in the coming weeks to get hemp products back on Thrive Market' (Picture: Thrive Market)

Thrive Market halts sales of hemp-derived CBD products

By Elaine Watson

Natural products online marketplace Thrive Market has temporarily halted sales of hemp-derived CBD products after its merchant processor demanded it cease selling them amid uncertainty over their legal status, but says it is in conversations with a new...

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