Natural sweeteners

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'The number one consumer driver is natural or clean label, followed by glycemic index and keto friendly...'

Sweeteners in focus: Where next for allulose, stevia, isomaltulose?

By Elaine Watson

Are sugar alcohols losing their luster, will allulose take off, and is stevia still hot? FoodNavigator-USA caught up with Icon Foods, Cargill and Beneo to explore formulation trends as brands come under increasing pressure to reduce sugar and keep labels...

Natural and clean label trends 2019: Have you registered yet?

Natural and clean label trends 2019: Have you registered yet?

By Elaine Watson

We clocked a number of brands using terms from 'clean candy' to 'clean protein' on the showfloor at Expo West, but what does 'clean eating' mean, is 'clean' a term that brands should use on product labels, and where...

Soom Foods hopes consumers will use date syrup as a substitute for maple syrup, honey, and agave. Photo: Soom Foods

Soom Foods sees bright future for date syrup in the US market

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Soom Foods spent over five years educating American consumers on the versatility of tahini (sesame paste) that can be used in anything from milkshakes and smoothies to a popcorn topping and as a salad dressing. The company’s next conquest is silan, a...

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